Trader Joe’s Mango & Sticky Rice Spring Rolls Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mango & Sticky Rice Spring Rolls Reviews

  1. Wes

    These were okay — they probably would’ve been a lot better baked for far longer than the packing says. I did it at the correct temperature for 14 minutes (despite the package saying 10 minutes), and they still weren’t crispy enough. The inside was also a bit too gooey. I’ll try cooking for even longer next time.

  2. nancy

    bland, weird gooey texture

  3. joe

    These are fantastic! Even people in the store were commenting how much they like them when they saw I had them.

    Maybe not health food, but a nice, different treat. They go great with that sweet “plum” type sauce (not sure what it’s called.)

  4. Eponack

    Where’s the mango? Each one had a thin strip of mango and dry rice, far from sticky. There was zero mango jell like in the picture on the box.

  5. Wesley

    I wish these would come back!!!

  6. GSL

    Please bring these back, they were my #1 favorite at TJ’s!

  7. Lisa Hyams

    Bring them back please !

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