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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mango Mini Mochi Reviews

  1. gerry tavianini

    This products looks and tastes as if it has been frozen, thawed, and refrozen countless times. There is no powdered sugar on the rice flour dough as pictured, and the ‘sorbet’ is nothing but large, flavored ice crystals. Coming all the way from Thailand, of all places, one can only wonder about whether it’s even safe to eat.

  2. Renee Tay

    Never had anything like this before so I had no expectations.
    They are pretty to look at with powder sugar in a lite dusting. The mochi was smooth, soft and chewy. The mango sorbet was smooth and tasty. A light and interesting dessert.

  3. Emily

    Just awful. I specifically drove an hour to go to Trader Joe’s to buy the mochi because I LOVE mochi but no one carries it near me. This tastes nothing like the mochi you normally get at Japanese stores. The “sorbet” is disgusting- the texture is like ice chunks and doesn’t even have good flavor. So disappointed.

  4. Ellen

    I really like these, especially if they sit out and the mochi layer softens up just a bit. I haven’t experienced them having a melted and re-frozen icy texture, just a normal sorbet texture. The white powder on the outside is cornstarch, not powdered sugar. It can be a little much, so I just brush off the excess.

  5. Christine

    I have never been a fan of cornstarch except maybe in gravy. The mango was nice. The dough was gummy and tasteless, and the cornstarch was… well, cornstarch. Overall, ew. If I hadn’t received them free, I would be pretty annoyed. I wouldn’t spend a dollar on the package, and I’m sure it’s probably a lot more that that Overall? Yeah, I’ll stick with “ew.”

  6. Anonymous

    I liked them

  7. Anonymous

    The flavor of the sorbet is good, but the mochi dough is just awful and gummy, not pillowy like it should be. Won’t be getting these again.

  8. Sioux

    Never having tried any other Mochi before, I think these are the bomb! I love mango anything. A serving is supposed to be six pieces, but three at a time is enough for me.

  9. Christie

    Real mango flavor, silky smooth texture, fun two bite size. Like little bursts of sunshine. A new favorite!

  10. Emma

    I absolutely adore these! I love the chewy mochi, and the mangoiness of the sorbet inside is delightful.

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