Trader Joe’s Lime Fruit Floes Popsicles Reviews

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lime Fruit Floes Popsicles Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    Love these! They’re like a better version of Outshine lime popsicles, and cheaper/healthier, too. Perfect for cooling down after a long day.

  2. Cindy

    So refreshing in the summertime.

  3. Jefree Anderson

    I can’t believe TJ’s has discontinued the lime fruit floes… I greatly protest this!!! I will pay more TJ’s!!! Please tell me this isn’t so!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  4. Sha lock

    So refreshing and huge! The lime is fresh with a burst of sweetness. I’m not even a fan of lime, my husband is but I would buy these again.

  5. Sara Martinez

    My favorites!! Please bring these back Trader Joes! Your lime fruit floes are what my entire family eats all summer, fall, spring……they are a staple in our freezer. Don’t make us suffer the heat with out our lime popsicles!,! Bring them back please!

  6. Raj Lassi

    So good

  7. Linnea S Paul

    I completely agree with Jefree. I greatly protest this. I too will pay more! Please bring them back!!! They are just the best tasting popsicle I have ever had. Cool, refreshing, and delicious! I used to buy 4 boxes at a time, not to run out.

  8. Alyssa Z

    They are the best fruit bars you will ever taste. Perfectly sweet and sour all at the same time. I need them back!!!! PLEASE

  9. Shawn

    I was disheartened to discover that these were discontinued! A freezer staple for sure! Please whoever has the keys, unlock these from the vault and bring them back! It’s not too late, you guys just had them a few weeks ago!!!

  10. TJ shopper

    I just learned these were discontinued. How sad! They were one of my favorite Trader Joe’s products. I had two boxes in my freezer during a recent power outage so I lost them. I’m so sad to learn I can no longer replace them.

  11. JRC

    I bought a box on 2/20/21 from a location in VA. Does this mean they are back? This was my first time ever buying them and they are delicious!!

  12. Anonymous

    I cannot believe these have been continued! I drove 40 minutes each weekend to get them. Please bring them back!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous


    Please please bring these back. I depend on them during the summer months to cool me down. I will pay MORE,

  14. CoolJ

    These are the best popsicles ever! In only this flavor…I would forever be grateful if these came back in the same flavor.

  15. Nancy

    I love these! I’ve been enjoying them for many years. My local store tells me they were discontinued. I tried the other, three flavored popsicle, and not to my liking.
    Trader Joe’s, will you tell us who makes them so I may seek them out?

  16. corina hellmer


  17. Lawrence Meekma

    Totally agree with everyone. The LIME BARS need to come back!!! No one wants frozen Matcha Chi anything :). It’s not that difficult TJ’s. Bring the lime bars back. Thank you.

  18. “BostonPops”Lover

    These pops are our late evening staples. We often drive out of our way to one of several area TJ’s to stock up. However, just learned that our Boston area TJ’s have discontinued BOTH the Lime and Fruit Flo bars. How disappointing! Who makes these and what other brands are they marketed under? Desperately needing to find them.

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