Trader Joe’s Lightly Smoked Mussels Reviews

(10 customer reviews)

Tinned in extra virgin olive oil.


10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lightly Smoked Mussels Reviews

  1. Jason H

    Extremely delicious

  2. Brian

    For the price they are Extremely good…!

  3. fred

    excellent texture and price.However they are sold out in Los Angeles

  4. Francesca Santoro

    They were okay, but I didn’t like the texture of some of them. I prefer the tinned oysters. I’ll not be buying them again.

  5. Gabriel Serlenga

    Phenomenally delicious and nutritious. These are the best shellfish in a tin I’ve ever eaten in my entire life!

  6. Jon Mankuta

    I always enjoy trying new items and these were extremely delicious…I ate them right out of the tin, but can imagine that they’ll also be used by me in sauce over pasta…yum!

  7. Phil g

    I Loved them!! Best I have had! but unfortunately…TJ’s web site sucks big time!! I tried to find them…I was hoping to order a bunch…but cannot even find them or tuna for crying out loud on the site…worst site I ever seen in my life!! cant even find out what is in stock at any of the stores. it is a 20min drive out of my way to hit my closest TJ’s when I travel back to see my family. I want to know if they have what i want before wasting my time!! LOVE These dang things though!!

  8. Anonymous

    Excellent price and flavor

  9. tom curren

    These are fantastic!

  10. T Kordus

    These are excellent. Delicious, excellent texture. Loved them.

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