Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper Reviews

  1. Wes

    Yum! This adds a great lemon pepper kick to a dish – I use it all the time.

  2. Caitlin

    I use this on everything from baked fish to popcorn. It’s perfect!

  3. Maxwell Hunter

    Love this blend. Lemon pepper. My family couldn’t stop talking about it. I use this on my chicken and fish dishes.

  4. Kuguru

    Love this product. Just the base ingredients. Pepper, dried lemon and salt. No preservatives, no MSG (although MSG is fine in some cases) like other brands. After searching for a lemon pepper blend that was “natural”, I’m thankful to find this. TJ’s blend is the only one I buy. And I’m not a paid spokesperson.

  5. Keith

    I’ve been using this Lemon Pepper for a VERY long time (decades) on so many different meats, as there is no better offering out there at any price, anywhere else. For some reason, Trader Joe’s discontinued it! OUCH! I found Shredded Organic Lemon Peel by the pound at a SPICES INC online place and Peppercorns as well, and now have to make my own. What a SHAME!

  6. Sheri Buswell

    So completely devasted to learn that TJ’s has discontinued the Lemon Pepper Grinder. IT was THE perfect blend of herbs, without being too salty, unlike most brands out there. And the dried lemon rind made it authentic and tasty. Imagine my horror to learn that after years of not being able to head south to replenish due to COVID, that my trip to US to stock up on my fav TJ products had me completely crushed when I learned it was no longer being carried. Another casualty.

  7. Cynthia

    I’m VERY disappointed that the Lemon Pepper spice was discontinued. It’s a staple in my household. There are superfluous products in store that should have been discontinued instead.

  8. Lindy

    Trader Joe’s…. I am really disappointed in you. You messed up my Spinach Souffle so I can’t eat that any more, you stopped carrying think! Lemon Delight and now after months of checking the TJ stores in Contra Costa for Lemon Pepper I find that it is discontinued. There is nothing left to live for…. I hope you are happy with your bleeping decisions. Have an okay day. ( the one star is for your choices- not for you products or employees)

  9. Elena

    Very disappointed your Lemon Pepper grind is discontinued! It was a staple in my food prep. It had good ingredients without sugar $ non-organic ingredients like other all other brands. PLEASE bring it back!

  10. Marlene Hunt

    why did you people get rid of the lemon pepper??

  11. Kate

    SO upset y’all got rid of the lemmon pepper. It was the perfect blend for cooking fish or chicken 🙁

  12. virgp1

    Foul on the play! So sad this has been discontinued! Great reviews here and one of the few lemon peppers without salt. Used it on everything!

  13. Christine

    Loved and now miss the Lemon Pepper spice blend. Bring it back and make us happy. Please!

  14. Nancy Hastings

    One of the main items on my tj grocery list, lemon pepper, is now gone. Shame on you! It was such a tasty substitute for salt, and healthwise great for people with hypertension wanting a great flavor. Please bring it back. Like sugar free foods/substitutes for diabetics, there are very limited choices available in almost all stores. The big item nowadays is gluten-free. Don’t forget about the other special dietary needs of customers. Please give it a big think… a usually greatly satisfied customer…

  15. Pam

    Loved the Lemon Pepper seasoning!!! Please bring it back!!!

  16. Anita Hearl

    I am devastated! I used it on Everything! Seriously… was perfect!

  17. Avery

    I love this it goes with everything

  18. Bill

    Lemon Pepper was the best on the market. Was super on salmon. Just found out today that it was discontinued. Sad. Will miss it.

  19. S J B

    Trader Joe’s – Please bring back the lemon pepper seasoning grinder! Can’t find a substitute that comes close.

  20. Shershunia Calhoun

    Please bring it back. I’m down to my last two bottles. T went to stock up and they are not available . Please bring it back I will buy by the case

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