Trader Joe’s Lavender Triple Milled Soap Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lavender Triple Milled Soap Reviews

  1. Becky B

    My all time favorite soap. I had a bar of this and forgot where I got it. I thought it had been a gift so was trying to replace it with the same thing. I was down to my last sliver and I had bought endless high end French Milled soaps at high end stores hoping to find it again. I even saved a sliver to compare every time I tried a different soap. One day I was in TJ and saw a huge stack of this triple milled Lavender soap. It had the same color and SUBTLE not overwhelming lavender scent. As soon as I used it I realized I had found the soap I’d been looking for for over a year. I must have bought on a whim once and forgot since I usually (used to!) buy a different TJ soap. This soap is great – doesn’t turn to mush and has that nice rough texture as well.

  2. Anonymous

    Good quality soap. It even exfoliates. Light lavender scent. Lasts for a long time.

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