Trader Joe’s Lavender Grow Kit Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lavender Grow Kit Reviews

  1. Joan

    Terrible waste of money! It’s been months; I followed the instructions & a few tiny green stems rose up a couple inches & then nothing. I fell for the packaging & TJ staff person nearby saying these were really cool. Ugh.

  2. Mary Dignam

    A complete waste of money. I bought two kits and gave one to a friend as a gift. Neither one produced anything. I give it one star only because I have to and will apply it to the metal container.

  3. Alexander

    Seed packet, which was sealed in plastic, did not contain any seeds.

  4. Ralf Nadir

    Followed all directions and after 3 months have 1/2″ plants and a rusted bucket!

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