Trader Joe’s Lavender Grow Kit Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lavender Grow Kit Reviews

  1. Joan

    Terrible waste of money! It’s been months; I followed the instructions & a few tiny green stems rose up a couple inches & then nothing. I fell for the packaging & TJ staff person nearby saying these were really cool. Ugh.

  2. Mary Dignam

    A complete waste of money. I bought two kits and gave one to a friend as a gift. Neither one produced anything. I give it one star only because I have to and will apply it to the metal container.

  3. Alexander

    Seed packet, which was sealed in plastic, did not contain any seeds.

  4. Ralf Nadir

    Followed all directions and after 3 months have 1/2″ plants and a rusted bucket!

  5. Elzie

    Doesn’t even look like lavender, lol. I’ve been scouring the internet to figure out what kind of lavender this is because it doesn’t resemble any lavender plant I’ve ever seen. I’ve had it for about 6 months now… I have it in direct sunlight…. but it seems to grow very slowly, and there’s not even a hint of a flower anywhere. Also, the bucket is starting to rust which can’t be good. It’s a sweet, delicate plant (whatever it is) but it’s just not what I thought I was buying.

  6. William E Marshall

    Over 30 days and seeds failed to germinate.after looking at the package closley it was past the sell by date!

  7. Beverly

    It is a gift and failed to sprout in the 30 days per the instructions. The germination period is why I rate it a “3.” But I continued to care for it and months later, you should see it. Its more than a foot high and ready for repotting! Since I want it in a pot vs in the ground, I will see if it can survive the winter at this early stage in its growth. Research I have done suggests it will survive in the pot. (I live in planting zone 7.)

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