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  1. Patricia C.

    I shop TJ’s monthly and I have been buying their shrimp(bag of 50-70) a lot. I noticed six weeks ago while placing the shrimp in cold water via freezer the black vein (which is the poop) of the shrimp was in most of them. I slit the back to remove the vein, got tired, called TJ to tell them. They said to bring it back to the store, empty or not. I deveined half the bag and took the other half to TJs to see for themselves that the shrimp WAS NOT deveined as it states on the bag.
    Two weeks later I bought the same bag. Again, the shrimp ‘was not’ deveined. I let my son devein the shrimp. Looking on the package for an email address or website, not there. What I saw was ‘farm-raised product of Indonesia’. Some people will eat anything, i.e. shrimp and poop-vein; some won’t. According to my cookbooks I am to devein the shrimp before cooking, serving, plating.
    Will not purchase this anymore.
    BottomLine: Company need to remove the word “Deveined” from the package.

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