Trader Joe’s Korean Inspired Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice With Kimchi Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Korean Inspired Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice With Kimchi Reviews

  1. Benjamin

    This is the greatest TJ disappointment I can remember in decades. The package headlines “Bulgogi Beef” yet there is scant beef in the dish, and what little there is is in tiny scraps. Then it says “with Kimchi” yet what is supposed to pass as that s tiny specs of cabbage. Then oddly there are basic American green beans, and way too many of them. Nothing Korean about that. I can only guess the scant beef is due to cost BUT for dishes like this cost I don’t think is an issue to consumers, quality is. There was also no discernable Korean flavors or spices to the dish, so…massive fail. The concept is solid, which is why I bought it, but the execution is just completely off. There should be more meat (charge a dollar extra, no one will care), the kimchi should be of more variable size and include perhaps more reds and greens in color plus more flavor. NO green beans. Even the packaging doesn’t show bland American green beans. If I find myself picking them out, or eating them all first unpleasantly to save something actually good then that is a major problem. TJ’s does so many things so well. This is a really unusual fail. The second bag I bought my linger in my freezer for years unfortunately.

  2. Peter A

    The meal was almost tasteless. No flavoring, no spice, no heat. Just a lot of salt in the package. Very disappointing.

  3. Corinn McLaughlin

    The picture on the bag is incredibly deceiving. If there is one whole ounce of meat in it, I would be surprised. The little meat there is gritty, so it is not even quality meat. Hardly any vegetables have any kind, no discernible kimchi and no kimchi flavoring. The reason the dish has any volume is because it is 90% rice. A complete waste of money! I don’t know how this ever got through the process to become a Trader Joe’s product. Trader Joe’s should be ashamed of this! I wish I had read the reviews before buying it!

  4. Marilyn

    Shame on me for not looking at ratings. It’s been a year since the first negative rating and this product is still on the shelf. I’m surprised that Trader Joe’s would continue to sell such an inferior product. Bulgogi is what drew me in but this dish is nothing more than slightly seasoned rice.

  5. Anonymous

    I really like this product, it tastes exotic to me. The beef is nasty tho but its nice to have just the rice and veggies

  6. Steven H

    You silly rabbits! You have to cook in sesame oil! This is amazing! I add a tablespoon of sesame oil and a drop of red curry paste to frying pan and throw bag in simmer for 10 minutes.. done!

  7. DC

    The beef and kimchi portions are disappointing. Then theres everything else, which is fine, but not good. We ended up adding more kimchi, some gojuchang, and shrimp

  8. Peter Drayson

    If there’s 1 oz of beef in it it’s a wild overestimate and what there was was dry and tasteless. It is just a bag of rice with some sort of Asian seasoning that is mildly spicy. A complete waste of money. Trader Joe’s has some good 5 minute meals for people in the hurry. This is not one of them.

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