Trader Joe’s Bibimbap Bowl Reviews

(10 customer reviews)

A Korean-style frozen meal with beef, vegetables, and a spicy chili sauce.


10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Bibimbap Bowl Reviews

  1. Tricia G

    This is one delicious bowl! It’s reminiscent of Bimbimbap bowls you can get at Korean restaurants. The meat is delicious but I wish there was more. I add soy sauce and my own Kimchee sauce to it.

  2. Lena

    This was shockingly bland. I really expected good things out of it, because I love all the ingredients in it, and they’re ingredients that are normally very flavorful. However, in this dish, they weren’t at all. The only highlight was the meat, which was pretty good. Overall, though, the bowl was a dud – I could see how it would be a lot better if you add your own sauces to it, but on it’s own, no thanks.

  3. J

    should have returned it.

  4. AH

    My favorite lunch bowl! It’s so delicious and easy to cook. it’s quick and affordable.
    Recommend this to my collogue and friends , they all love it.
    Is this Bibimbap discontinued? My heart is broken, please bring this back my lovely Trader Joe buyer.
    Plano,TX store.

  5. Deborah

    PLEASE bring the bibimbap bowl back! How can you keep doing this to me? This wa my absolute favorite dish from the TJ frozen aisle. It was perfect, every time.

  6. Cynthia

    Please bring Bibimbap bowl back. It is my favorite!

  7. Dee

    This was also my favorite freezer item. I used to eat it every week at work and I really miss it!

  8. Julie

    Yes, please bring this back! My teenage son lives on these!

  9. Cherie H.

    The Bibimbap bowl just ran out at my TJ’s for good too! This was my FAVORITE frozen item! PLEASE BRING IT BACK TJ’s!

  10. Brendan Chang

    My favorite lunch bowl. Add a little soy sauce, and it’ll do the trick. I am Korean myself and have grown up eating Bibimbap throughout my childhood, and needed a more quick method to making it. Then comes in the Bibimbap bowls from Trader Joes. I’m sad to see this is discontinued and was my favorite thing to eat for lunch. Hopefully Trader Joes brings this back. R.I.P.

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