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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn Reviews

  1. Wes

    The “bad” thing about this is that it’s addictive! I love kettle corn, and this one does not disappoint. Obviously it doesn’t taste quiite as good as local kettle corn or fresh-made, but it’s very tasty nonetheless.

  2. Michele.

    I love this product, except for all the uncooked kernels. I will not be buying this product until they get the quality control to fix this issue. A friend of mine broke a tooth, after biting down on an uncooked kernel. I’ve never found an uncooked kernel in Cracker Jacks, so WHY can’t TJ get their act together for their product. Low rating because of all the uncooked kernels.

  3. JoanMcCauley

    My bag of kettle corn was lots of burnt popcorn and . Iwill never buy again so disappointed.


    I absolutely love this kettle corn!!! I buy it when I find it. I wish Trader Joe’s would stock it regularly.

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