Trader Joe’s Kalua Pork Spring Rolls Reviews

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A Hawaiian inspired spring roll with smoke-flavored pork and vegetables.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Kalua Pork Spring Rolls Reviews

  1. Lord Zeppelin

    Honestly, was hesistant at first because I’m very particular about my spring rolls. But they’re not that bad. Cabbage, Carrots, noodles and pork? What else is there more to ask for? Im used to spending 7-9 dollars for spring rolls because im in the city but these are huge and cost around $4.79

    You can bake em or deep fry em. Delicious either way.

  2. Anonymous

    I was surprised because sometimes flavors can be too overpowering but it was a nice balance, the vegetables still had a decent amount of crunch. I used an air fryer and had to flip mine so that it would not get too brown. I tried it with and without some hot sauce and preferred it with the hot sauce.

  3. Anthony

    Amazing spring roll! Wasn’t sure if Kalua Pork would be work, but was seriously delicious. Egg roll crisped up nicely in the oven and the flavors were a happy blend of Hawaiian meets Chinese. Also off the charts on the price to quality ratio. Excited to try their chicken egg rolls next round.

  4. Laurets

    This is a must try!!! Generous amount of filling with the perfect crunch! It’s the best frozen spring roll I’ve tried. I used the toaster oven without any oil to bake this and it came out perfectly crunchy and not greasy. It has a hint of sweet but not overpowering with a slight smoky taste and the added vegetables with cellophane noodles makes it the perfect combination. Flavor is great that no dipping sauce is needed. This is perfect for snack time or to serve at gatherings. I hope this will be a regular item and not just seasonal. I already purchased 10 boxes of the kahlua spring rolls! Thank you TJ!!

  5. Kim

    I like smoked foods but the rolls are like eating a camp fire. I also love spring rolls but not these. Too much smoke for my taste. It overwhelms everything. Very oily. Nice crispy outer shell and stuffed with ingredients

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