Trader Joe’s Italian Breadsticks with Olive Oil Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Italian Breadsticks with Olive Oil Reviews

  1. Christy Miller

    I have been looking for an item like this for three years. When in Italy I eat a smaller, stubby version of these and miss them so much when I come back. Today, on a lark, I picked these up at Trader Joe’s. I opened them, tasted them and ate six before I got home. The flavor memory was wonderful. I have eaten them with salami, proccuito, tuna salad, ranch dressing and even dipped in preserves.

  2. Jo

    These are fantastic! I had never seen these at Trader Joe’s — but they looked so similar to some Italian breadsticks I can no longer find. So, bought a box, and they seem to be from the same factory as the Italian ones I used to buy. And the box says “Made in Italy” I am going back tomorrow for many boxes to have at home and to give away!

  3. Maria l. Nagy

    These breadsticks are fantastic. The quality is superior.
    Unfortunately TJ does not seem to carry them anymore. WHY??????

  4. M. Cushion

    I also love these. However, it’s hit and miss when I go to
    Trader Joes if they have them. Such a popular item should be well stocked.
    Very disappointed when I went today and none were available and they didn’t know when they would get more.

  5. Manuel Tapia-Ruano

    Great snack
    Bring it back to Miami Florida stores

  6. Missy

    This may be the best snack food that I have ever eaten! So light and airy! The texture is perfect and it taste great too.

  7. Igor

    My brief review is: I wanna buy it again and again and now.

  8. MyraWashington

    send me some right now…love them

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