Trader Joe’s Hobo Bread Reviews

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A hearty, slightly sweet bread made with raisins, walnuts, and molasses.

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hobo Bread Reviews

  1. Sherri Garner

    I had one slice and the entire loaf just vanished. Doug said he had one slice, right! The bread is a dessert bread, very heavy dense, like an English pudding) and great toasted. I had something like this bread as a kid years ago (was it Dromedary canned bread?) and it brought back nice memories.
    I thought it was expensive which it is, but it seems all bread is way to expensive. Just buy it, and hide it in your fridge under something.

  2. Denis J. Mulcahey

    I loved, loved, Trader Joe’s Hobo Bread. I bought it all the time from my Trader Joe’s on
    on Bay st in San Francisco. They no longer have it. When will Trader Joe’s bring it back.
    It’s the best ever with a cup of tea or coffee.

    Please bring it back. I shop at Trader Joe’s all the time.
    Today is October 4, 2020. Hope you can let me know when you will bring it back. I know of others who love it also.
    Looking forward to hearing from you about my request for not only me but others too.

    My review is ***** stars

  3. Serge

    Yes please bring back the Hobo Bread! The whole familly is waiting for it.
    It seems to me that Trader Joe is going in the wrong direction (discontinuing a lot of good products) intentionally or because they cannot face the Covid related supply chain challenges… The nice staff cannot answer… This is too bad because it was my go to shopping place and it’s not anymore… Strangely I would never go to the Safeway next door, but they are doing a better job and despite not have product as good, the experience is better… Sad that good stuff has to disappear! 🙁

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