Trader Joe’s Hash Browns Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hash Browns Reviews

  1. Josh

    When crisped to the right texture, these are 5-star. Really tasty (albeit obviously not very healthy) for a breakfast treat.

  2. Lena

    I like to cook these until they’re really crispy. I’ll also add some pepper, dill and a little salt for flavor. YUM!

  3. Ross

    Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the entire potato thing…

    Good to have in the freezer for convenience… Crispy, crunchy with nice insides…

  4. Gelato Jill

    These hash browns are soggy and falling apart unless you cook them for a while. It takes longer than what it says on the package to get them dark golden brown, and they need to be that color or else they will fall apart.
    I thought that they had a stale/greasy taste. I am not a fan of the packaging, which requires me to use a freezer baggie to keep it these hash browns from getting freezer burn. It takes only a little bit longer to cook TJ’s tater tots in the oven, and the tater tots are far superior in terms of taste and texture.

  5. Vinnie

    I fry mine in leaf lard a little salt and pepper.
    Better than McDonald

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