Trader Joe’s Greek Style Chicken with Orzo, Spinach, and Feta Cheese Reviews

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24 reviews for Trader Joe’s Greek Style Chicken with Orzo, Spinach, and Feta Cheese Reviews

  1. Michelle

    This is pretty darn good for being a microwave meal!! I’m impressed. My son and I ate a sample at TJ’S and he was sold! I think this will be a constant in my fridge. It comes in handy on a busy day.

  2. Di Freeze

    We didn’t microwave it. Used the oven method and absolutely loved it. Will definitely buy again.

  3. Wendy Specker

    So, So Good!! Delicious and definitely a must have. Perfect for those nights I just don’t want to cook and don’t want fast food.

  4. Banana

    The best item I’ve ever had from TJs and of course they stopped selling it, at least in my store.

  5. Matt Herold

    I bought this often but eventually became aware it is pretty high in sodium so I stopped buying. I was eating the entire thing myself which was probably too much. For 2 though I’d recommend in a second. Sounds like it may be discontinued but I’m sure it will come back.

  6. Cathy

    This is fantastic. It was a weekly meal at our house. Where is it? I hope it isn’t discontinued.

  7. William Weber

    Stopped making and selling. The best pre made meal I have ever eaten from Trader Joe’s. Find another source who is willing to produce and put back into Trader Joe’s

  8. Anonymous

    Nasty!! What have you done to this recipe?? This was my favorite ready to eat dinner. I was so excited to see it back in stock after months. What a disappointment. Not sure if the manufacturer changed or maybe I got a bad batch but gross, just gross.

  9. Anne G

    This is not the same product I bought in the past. That was great-this IS NOT! The orzo is some kind of blend like a pasta roni. Everything is grey looking. Very unappetizing. The spinach is overcooked. There is no feta that I could see. Tried it twice in case the first one was a fluke. It was not. Will not buy again.

  10. James S

    This new recipe is bad and also very different. It is very bitter and completely overwhelmed by it. Tastes like only burnt spinach.

  11. dNY

    Definitely a different recipe. No feta cheese and it tasted like it was seasoned with dry onion soup mix. Such a far cry from the yummy original – sad.

  12. Anonymous

    omg! what did you do to the recipe? It tastes awful! bring back the original! will not buy this again! 🙁

  13. Anonymous

    First time buying this. Can’t believe people are commenting about the same product. This is literally the most disgusting microwave food I bought from trader joe’s. I’m so disappointed. It just tastes so weird. It’s sour and the smell is unpleasant. I ate the chicken and dump everything else. Is this a food quality problem?

  14. Anonymous

    DO NOT BUY! All of the positive reviews are from February 2022 or earlier. The version as of late September 2022 is disgusting. It’s so bitter.

  15. Shonna

    Awful new recipe…bring back the old recipe!! This is bitter!! Too much oregano (maybe), too much red peppers…Idk, it’s all wrong

  16. Barbara

    Absolutely delicious! Just got this today I did add a little of the Tzatziki dip on top . Would definitely purchase this again . Nice to have a light tasty healthy meal !

  17. Maureen

    Never bought before and I do not like the taste !

  18. Anonymous

    Absolutely vile. It tasted like the spinach and orzo was basically cooked in black and kalamata olive juice. The chicken tasted of it too.

  19. Kelly

    This is one of my favorite type of meals to order from Mediterranean restaurants, but this was bad. The smell and taste is very sour and the only good part about this is the kalamata olives.
    EXCEPT THERE WAS A PIT IN ONE OF MY OLIVES! IT BROKE MY CAVITY FILLING! I had eaten at least half of all the 20+ whole kalamata olives in this meal and they were ALL supposed to be pitted.
    This slightly edible meal is NOT WORTH BUYING with the risk breaking your damn teeth!

  20. Evelyn v

    I found myself pleasantly surprised at the quality of this frozen meal. Not only did the chicken reheat well, but the balance of flavors here fet well thought out. The saltiness of the feta, acidity from the lemon, and the bitterness from the olives and spinach balanced everything well. I do think that if you’re someone whose palate leans toward a preference for carbs more subdued cheeses, and few bitter notes, than this might not be for you.

  21. Kate

    Disgusting. I used to like this meal, but the current iteration is absolutely horrible. The orzo is super salty and sour, and the chicken is completely dry. Went straight to the garbage bin. Yuck.

  22. Amy S

    Yuck! The chicken tastes like cardboard. I’m returning it.

  23. AG

    The old recipe was fantastic. This revamp is awful. So disappointed after loving the old version.

  24. Aida

    I am a fan of this product! But I understand where some of the bad reviews are coming from. The problem is with the dried tomatoes. This ingredient has a really rich sour flavor. The portion of dried tomato is too much and the pieces are too big, making every bite so intensely sour! I suggest to use both less dried tomatoes and smaller sizes. This would definitely solve the problem.

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