Trader Joe’s Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray Reviews

  1. Viki

    So happy with this product. Bough it in Alexandria . But Now I can not find it . Please let me know near 33180 zip. Witch Trader Joe has it.

  2. Elisa

    Doesn’t smell very good has an off scent to it more like rotten fruit smell to it

  3. SM

    5 stars for the previous formula.
    I originally purchased this well before pandemic issues struck. The scent was divine & I loved it. When it came back in stock (after March 2020), I bought eight bottles. I’m not sure what changed in the formula but now it smells like the liquor by-product ethanol that is being used so much in hand sanitizers now (& smells so awful, I actually gag & cough & get nauseated) – no longer a fresh scent, crisp & clean smelling like isopropyl alcohol or a yummy grapefruit martini.
    So sad 🙁 This was to be one of my favorites.

  4. Elizabeth Wells

    I love this spray! It smells so clean and fresh! It does not smell like alcohol at all. I will definitely buy more of this.

  5. Ann D.

    Very good. Not drying at all. Great scent. Trying lavender scent next..

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