Trader Joe’s Grape Seed Extract Reviews

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Grape Seed Extract Reviews

  1. Michelle Rivers

    Best ever!!!! I have autoimmune problems and this stuff works AMAZINGLY!!!! very disappointed that they are discontinuing it! Please bring it back. And this is in my price range I will not be able to afford other companies. Trader Joe’s still works the best!!!

  2. Jim S.

    This is the best grape seed extract on the market by far. Both in terms of quality and price. It works much better than over the counter antihistamines for allergies with out the side effects. Please bring this product back.

  3. Lee M.

    Love this product! Take daily to keep my varicose veins in check. So sad to see it discontinued. Why did they discontinue it?

  4. Sharyn Evans

    This was the best grape seed extract! I am so upset that they discontinued it. I tried two different brands and both made me feel nauseated. I need Trader Joe’s brand!!
    Please bring it back!!!!

  5. Daniel Kirsner


  6. Helena Maryska

    Please bring this product back. Im taking it for years and love it. Thank you.

  7. Elizabeth Muchtar

    Have taking this since 1999 and breath better because my allergies, begging it to come back as other brands won’t work for me. THANK YOU AND HOPE TO SEE IT IN TRADER JOE’S STORE SOON!!!!!

  8. Leslie

    Bring this back!!

  9. Terry Wilfley

    I actually really need this stuff to drastically reduce my bruising and to strengthen my skin.

    I use a steroid inhaler for my asthma and have for years. Eventually my skin became very fragile, like tissue paper. It tore very easy and I was always bleeding from cuts and dings on my arms and hands.

    While in France I became ill. In going to the doctor there, they asked if I was being treated for my bruising. I told them no doctor had a solution. They cave me an Rx for an inexpensive drug. I purchased as much as I could for as long as I could and the used the internet to try to figure out what it was.

    This led me to Grape Seed Extract. Trader’s Joes Extract comes in the perfect serving sizes and was available at a fair price.

    I am crushed they are discontinuing it. I have true other chemically equalvelent things and they didn’t really work. My skin started to thin an my bruising returned. I rely on this, I really do. I am crushed to see it go and am afraid of the prolonged hunt for a replacement that will actually work.

    This is a huge blow to my health care. I hope that Trader Joe’s will reconsider this decision.

  10. Ra Martin

    YES, please bring it back. It’s the best and only one that really works!!!!!

  11. TG

    Please, I am not sure why you are discontinuing this product; however, I have to agree with everyone that has commented on how well it worked compared to other brands.

    Please listen to your customers, and bring it back.

  12. Mary

    Yes …. please bring back your grape seed …. it helps so many people ….. listen to your loyal customers … PLEASE !!

  13. Jan

    It really was the best!! If you wont bring it back into your stores, at least tell us who manufactured it for you PLEASE

  14. RJAEwSpyLs


  15. Desiree

    Please bring this product back. I had severe allergies and after a month of takings 1 cap in the morning before breakfast. i stop having allergies. It also helped my brother- in-law. I can testify how it saved me from taking those horrible allergy pills, that give you side effects.

  16. Kelly Glenner

    Please bring this back or give info on where to buy this wonderful product!

  17. Koskesh Koskonak

    The best grape seed extract ever! Not sure why they had to discontinue something great! Very disappointed!

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