Trader Joe’s Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Reviews

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Giant cannellini beans in tomato sauce with Mediterranean herbs and spices.


14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Reviews

  1. Leonard Morrison

    Firstly, I researched these beans mostly to some mildly negative reviews, however, upon trying them, I thought they were delicious. They truly are a giant white bean with a nice texture. The tomato based sauce leaned toward a sweeter flavor but not obtrusively so, some people stated they had a canned flavor, I did not think so, they tasted fine to me, the tomato sauce is nicely spiced although a bit oily. Made a great mid day snack and I will definitely buy them again. I would give them a 4 out of 5 stars, your mileage may vary.

  2. Len

    These are terrific, mild and the tomato sauce is very flavorful, going to buy several more cans.

  3. Trevor

    A very solid product. The beans are nice and firm (and huge), and the sauce is balanced … a tad on the sweet side but very enjoyable.

  4. Jo

    The beans are lovely, I’m not a fan of the overly sweet tomato sauce though

  5. Donna Austin

    We enjoyed these beans with chicken sausage. The sauce in the beans coated the sausage and added a subtle tomato flavor. The beans were so creamy and velvety and complemented our meal beautifully!

  6. Anonymous

    We cook these ala shakshuka with eggs. And it is a delightful combo. High quality, great flavor and texture TJ product.

  7. Theresa, Jax, FL

    Delicious alternative to the traditional baked beans. My 93-year-old father who loves baked beans prefers these!

  8. Lyn

    These are delicious! I tried them cold right out of the can and they were good but then I divided a can up into 2 servings of homemade pearl barley and leek soup and oh my goodness. What a delicious, filling soup! As others have mentioned they are a little oily, but my soup was virtually oil free and so the one can split between servings, wasn’t oily at all. I would imagine they would also be a great addition to a salad. I will be buying more of these!

  9. Joyce

    Really, really expensive. $8.88 for a 9 oz can. Very tasty. I did notice a slight canned taste when eating them cold but heated I did not. Very good but too expensive. I mean their freakin beans for goodness sakes.

  10. anonymous

    elevate your fried eggs with a can of these beans on top. such a creamy, delicious combo. My kids specifically ask for eggs with TJ’s beans. Crisp up some toast and enjoy.

  11. Brenda Broviak

    These beans are horrible. I guess I was hoping that they would replace the Organic Baked Beans that they discontinued. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  12. BDCThug

    I eat these half the time right out of the can with some crusty bread. So delicious.

  13. Dan Arnold

    I would love to give these a five star review because they’re delicious except I don’t understand using soybean oil. They do the same thing with the garbanzo beans. It’s one of the cheapest most unhealthy oils you can use! Come on Trader Joe’s you can afford to use quality healthy oil.

  14. Randy

    These beans are absolutely amazing! You must get them every time you go to Trader Joe’s. You won’t regret it!

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