Trader Joe’s Garden Patch Juice Reviews

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29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garden Patch Juice Reviews

  1. C.J.

    If TJs ever stopped producing the low sodium Garden Patch, I’d be heartbroken. Just good veggie juice, without the usual additives or sky-high salt content. I also add it to sauces all the time.

  2. TK

    My local store always runs out of the low sodium before restocking day. Please don’t discontinue this product. It beats the competition in both flavor and nutritional value.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t discontinue this product.

  4. Gcx-man

    Here is where the bark is separated from the bite:
    I have for some time partaken in the Juice of Garden patch… I’m a lover of this Juice, as well I’m a great home chef… with a critical palette on almost all foods I taste… I ‘can’t even eat out anymore because the food served by many of the restaurants out there just sucks! My wife and I love garden patch just on Ice…not to mention you can doll it up for bloody Mary’s that are incredible!!! As of 2022 our local Trader Joe’s has been out of Garden Patch for about two months and we have had to try the Kroger’s vegetable Juice, which could come in at a close second… V8 just is a watered down juice now as fare as I can tell with not nearly the flavors in garden patch… In fact, I believe trader Joes Garden Patch has been watered down in the last 2 years from my perspective… enough to make me wonder if inflation has crept into the Trader Joes product lines??? Never the less, I have resorted to adding some tomato sauce to thicken it up some, Sorry Joe, but I’m pretty sure I can tell the difference from then and now!

  5. John K Nusbaum

    As I stopped my grocery shopping at Giant and began shopping at Trader Joe’s; this is the only product that I will never buy again. I was hoping to find a “knock-off” of the low sodium V8 juice that I like, but this did not come close. and after 2 glasses; the rest went down the drain.

  6. CH

    Well I feel bad cuz lots of people seem to like this stuff but it’s SOOOO heavy on the green peppers I can’t drink it. I think V8 has red peppers or something. But it does not taste like V8 at all – but if you like green peppers enjoy.

  7. Ed Hillhouse

    I dink a lot of this. I used to drink V8 low sodium but do not like it anymore after drinking TJs. Rumor was now that it will be discontinued soon. WHY? Everybody I talk to loves it .Why discontinue a customer favorite?

  8. Barry

    My local store has stated that this low sodium garden patch juice has been discontinued. Please tell me that this is not so and why this has happened.

  9. Melissa Anderson Soderberg

    Garden Patch Veggie juice has been a huge part of my diet for many years and I don’t understand why Trader Joe’s keeps doing this with so many favorite products. I just may stop shopping at Trader Joe’s and start going exclusively to Sprout’s . So over it.

  10. Christine Carbone

    I wondered why Trader Joes discontinued in Sept. Garden Patch juice. I went to my local TJ’s and thats what they said

  11. Brenda Kaplan

    My Trader Joes has discontinued Garden Patch Veggie juice. Very disappointing. This was one of the items I’d go there for.

  12. Donna Snyder

    I’m so very, very, very upset that Garden Patch has been discontinued! We’ve called it”V-8 on steroids,” and that doesn’t even hint at how tasty it is! I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy it anymore. Why?!? Can I get a recipe for it, anywhere?

  13. Matt

    Trader Joe’s continuing arrogance of discontinuing long term favorite products like Garden Patch inspires us to shop elsewhere or minimize purchases at this place. It’s sickening that they use their precious shelf space on junk products but can’t find room for a quality healthy juice.

  14. Scott

    I’m very very dissapointed that the low sodium Garden Patch is now discontinued. I’ve been drinking two to three containers of this outstanding product for several years now. This was my main draw to TJ’s so I guess they will be getting a lot less of my bussiness going forward.

  15. Rika R

    I am SO disappointed that you chose to discontinue Low Sodium Garden Patch Vegetable Juice. It has been a mainstay of my diet for many years. It is draw for me to come to Joe’s. I spend a substantial amount of money there as a consequence. There is no comparable product on the market. I do not understand why you would stop carrying such a popular, high quality product. I am hoping you will reconsider your decision. There are many other products that would not be missed on the same scale as this product.

  16. bill

    I am very disappointed that my favorite drink is being discontinued by TJs!


  17. Marilyn Mccarthy

    Trader Joe’s Garden Patch is one of my ‘must have’ items that keep me loyal to Trader Joe’s. My husband must have low sodium drinks for his CHF. Please tell me this is a temporary outage.

  18. Beth

    I am beyond disappointed that Trader Joe’s has discontinued Garden Patch Vegetable Juice. We drink it every morning, and can’t stand the thought of having to go back to the horrible V8 Juice! Garden Patch was my main reason for shopping at Trader Joe’s, and there were times I would buy a case at a time. There are so many other products that should be on their “discontinued list,” but definitely not this juice. Needless to say, Trader Joe’s will be getting a lot less of my hard earned money!

  19. VickieF

    Our TJs is not close so we would stock up on Garden Patch (6 bottles) every time we went. I would always buy other stuff too. Now I have no reason to go to Trader Joe’s. They’re not losing a lot by losing my business, but it’s sounding. I will go back when they bring Garden Patch back.

  20. Harlan

    I am greatly disappointed that Garden Patch — my favorite juice ever and major reason for shopping at Trader Joe’s — has been discontinued.

  21. Elena

    T.J.’s Low-Sodium Garden Patch Veggie juice is superior to any other substitutes that I’ve tried. WHY is T.J. cancelling it?

  22. Stan Youngers

    Garden Patch Vegetable Juice is/was my favorite, and now that it has been discontinued, I will no longer shop at Trader Joe’s.

  23. Deva Brehony

    I don’t understand these comments about the product being discontinued. I am drinking a glass as I type this, and I just opened a new bottle that I bought last week. Our store in NC has plenty of it. I have never known them not to carry it or to be out of it.

  24. Elizabeth

    When are you bringing back Garden Patch veggie juice?? There are customers—and FORMER customers who will no longer shop at TJ’s—who are beyond disgusted that you would discontinue this product! V8 is skunk water compared to Garden Patch!!

  25. L Frisco

    Why would you discontinue a product that most customers love? We also are thinking of shopping
    elsewhere since now it’s four of our favorite items that you have
    discontinued over the years. Please bring back the Garden Patch low sodium! I stocked up but they won’t last forever. Can’t wait to see it back on your shelves!

  26. MC Smith

    Best vegetable juice out there. PLEASE bring it back. I doctored it up like a Bloody Mary mix, and that was my go to morning drink, with a little kick to get me started. Why discontinue such a popular, healthy product.

    Take of the low sodium label and market it to everyone. Nobody would know it’s low sodium and better for them.

  27. C B

    This was the best low sodium vegetable juice ever. I wonder who made it for TJ’s?
    Don’t waste your money on V8 low sodium. Not even good with gin or vodka.


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