Trader Joe’s Garden Patch Juice Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garden Patch Juice Reviews

  1. C.J.

    If TJs ever stopped producing the low sodium Garden Patch, I’d be heartbroken. Just good veggie juice, without the usual additives or sky-high salt content. I also add it to sauces all the time.

  2. TK

    My local store always runs out of the low sodium before restocking day. Please don’t discontinue this product. It beats the competition in both flavor and nutritional value.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t discontinue this product.

  4. Gcx-man

    Here is where the bark is separated from the bite:
    I have for some time partaken in the Juice of Garden patch… I’m a lover of this Juice, as well I’m a great home chef… with a critical palette on almost all foods I taste… I ‘can’t even eat out anymore because the food served by many of the restaurants out there just sucks! My wife and I love garden patch just on Ice…not to mention you can doll it up for bloody Mary’s that are incredible!!! As of 2022 our local Trader Joe’s has been out of Garden Patch for about two months and we have had to try the Kroger’s vegetable Juice, which could come in at a close second… V8 just is a watered down juice now as fare as I can tell with not nearly the flavors in garden patch… In fact, I believe trader Joes Garden Patch has been watered down in the last 2 years from my perspective… enough to make me wonder if inflation has crept into the Trader Joes product lines??? Never the less, I have resorted to adding some tomato sauce to thicken it up some, Sorry Joe, but I’m pretty sure I can tell the difference from then and now!

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