Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Garden Patch Juice Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Garden Patch Juice Reviews

  1. Chefnick

    To whom this may consurn, i am a cook of 20yers & have create meany wondering dishes so I’m told.

    Garden patch Vegie juice, has flavor & a full body texture tast, It has a lot of potential. the recipe has way to much lemon it over powers the other great flavers of the other vegetables.


  2. Donna Snyder

    I’m so very, very, very upset that Garden Patch has been discontinued! We’ve called it”V-8 on steroids,” and that doesn’t even hint at how tasty it is! I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy it anymore. Why?!? Can I get a recipe for it anywhere?

    * Sorry if multiples of this review appear. Every time I filled in the required info, it was indicated that my review would NOT appear, since I had not completed the info. (This was inaccurate.)

  3. Wren

    I drove 40 minutes to TJ’s with this juice in mind only to disover……it is discontinued, please reconsider!!

  4. Wren

    I drove 40 minutes to TJ’s with this juice in mind only to discover……it is discontinued, please reconsider!!

  5. Daira Rija

    More flavorful and less expensive than V8. Since the 1990s been using Garden Patch to make Bloody Marys. Sad to read it’s discontinued.

  6. MC Smith

    Low sodium is the best vegetable juice out there. PLEASE bring it back. I doctored it up like a Bloody Mary mix, and that was my go to morning drink, with a little kick to get me started. Why discontinue such a popular, healthy product.

    Take off the low sodium label and market it to everyone. Nobody would know it’s low sodium and better for them.

  7. Jane

    PLEASE bring this back!!! Was told by clerk that many sources and suppliers of ingredients after Covid “jacked” their prices up so much that TJs could no longer offer it as affordable, so they discontinued!
    Sad sad sad! Does anyone know of a suitable substitute that is as pure, clean (no toxic additives) and robustly flavorful as this discontinued vegetable juice?

  8. Mary

    Please bring back Garden Patch Low Sodium Vegetable Juice!!!! Several people have expressed to me that they too are disappointed that it was discontinued. The store doesn’t carry any substitute even close to it. I have been purchasing it for several years and it has be beneficial for my health. Please bring it back!!!

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