Trader Joe’s French Fromage Slices (Semisoft Cheese) Reviews

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16 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Fromage Slices (Semisoft Cheese) Reviews

  1. Mary

    The BEST cheese ever!

  2. Zara

    i love this cheese it was just discontinued i’m devastated…..

  3. Adrian

    My favorite! I hear they are discontinuing it though, is that true? 🙁

  4. Laura

    Love it! What do we make cheesy bread with now??!!

  5. Anonymous

    Best cheese ever!!!!

  6. virtues27

    This is a great cheese that is wonderful when melted. So sad it was it was discontinued. Looking for something similar to buy now. Maybe will try ordering the Ile de France soft creamy brie slices from the cheese lovers website. The slices look similar and the ingredients are almost the same. Still hoping that Trader Joe will bring the French Fromages Slices back someday!

  7. Hannah Boudreau

    PLEASE bring this item back!!!!

  8. Patricia Brennan

    I loved this cheese from the first time I tried it. I love the large size. It is great on toast, under a poached egg, on a baguette with ham, or just wrapped around a bread stick. I usually buy several at time and freeze the extras, so I didn’t realize it was discontinued until I couldn’t find it on my last three trips to TJs. A friendly crew member checked online and sadly told me it was discontinued for “lack of interest” by customers. I find this really hard to believe! BRING BACK FRENCH FROMAGE SLICES, Trader Joe’s! It is better than any of your other packaged cheeses.

  9. CL

    I’m a regular shopper at TJ’s. Please bring this cheese back. It is a great packaged cheese. Milder and more versatile than the Raclette. Hard to believe it wasn’t popular.

  10. Tragedy

    Every time I fall in love with a Trader Joe’s product it’s discounted a couple of months later. I’m starting to think it’s a curse!!!!

    Please bring this back.
    Isle of France is similar but 9 dollars more expensive…

  11. Sara

    Please bring it back! It is a wonderful cheese and it freezes perfectly. If you bring it back those of us who love it will buy it in great quantities.

  12. John Smith


  13. Anonymous

    Please bring this cheese back!!!!!

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  15. Katya

    please bring back this cheese — it was my favorite!

  16. CheeseFiend

    If my memory serves me this cheese was nothing special, which I guess contrary to those who loved it on here. I found the TJ french brie far more superior and flavorful and thought this was just simply…okay. A bit bland, not cheap, and for the calories I’d rather have goat brie, or their unexpected cheddar.
    I guess for those who find the french brie too strong and stinky that the processed, milder version is more palatable. For adventurous cheese lovers though, this doesn’t hit the spot at all and as it’s not a diet cheese it’s a hard pass for me.

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