Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa Reviews

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46 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa Reviews

  1. Jill Siebelink

    This is my favorite salsa EVER! I literally eat a whole jar in one sitting with a spoon. No chips needed – it’s that good. I call it my meal in a jar. LOVE IT!

  2. Larry

    I totally agree. Most of TJ’s products have so much salt. This has no added salt. It’s fresh tasting, delicious, and healthy.

  3. Roger Phillips

    A TJ’s team member showed me this after I asked if they have a low sodium salsa. I (supidle} only bought one jar to try – after going back for more, because I think this is the best salsa I’ve had, with sodium or not, I couldn’t find the product and learned that it has been discontinued. Booo Trader Joe’s!

  4. Diane K

    I agree with previous reviews. This salsa is my go to because it tastes great, its low in salt and no additives. Hope they continue to sell this item as I’ve not seen it for sometime in our local TJ’s.

  5. Eric

    Why would trader Joe’s discontinue this salsa it so delicious.

  6. Carol Diff

    I certainly hope this is not discontinued. It is one of the few pleasures in eating my husband can enjoy. It is the only salsa that is low sodium. The reason I travel to go to Trader Joe’s is for lower sodium items for my husband that are very difficult to find elsewhere and for gluten free items that I have to eat myself. Please do not discontinue this salsa choice.

  7. Celeste

    Please bring back the Trader Joe’s Fire-Roasted Tomato Salsa, No Sodium Added. I was very disappointed when I discovered it was discontinued from Trader Joe’s store in Fairfield, CA. Due to my health problems I must avoid sodium. This salsa was so much appreciated because it was delicious and my health was not compromised. Help people like us.

  8. Barbara Eason

    I am so disappointed to learn that this salsa has been discontinued. It fits perfect into a low sodium heart health diet and has great flavor. Seems Trader Joe’s is discontinuing most of their no salt / low salt items. So very disappointing.

  9. Dana Fox

    The Fire roasted Trader Joe’s salsa is (was?)the best jarred salsa! I used it 3 or more days a week Nothing compares. Please bring it back!!!! Goes perfect with Trader Joe’s tortilla chips and burritos. While I’m happy it was low salt maybe it would sell better without the low salt label. It’s the tastiest low salt or otherwise.

  10. Mark S.

    I agree with the previous reviewer! A great low sodium salsa that tastes great. Extremely disappointed to find out that it was discontinued at the end of October. Bring it back!!!

  11. Sharon Stadnick

    I am so disappointed that this has been discontinued. It is so good and very low sodium to boot! I love the roasted flavor, it reminds me of New Mexico. Please bring it back, soon! I wish there was a warning when you D/C something so we could stock up!

  12. cora perkins

    I love the fire roasted tomato salsa, use at least 3 or 4 times a week for all my mexican dishes and also by itself with chips
    or the fat free cottage cheese that was also discontinued. Please bring it back, thanks a loyal costumer since 1992.

  13. Susan S.

    I’m so sorry to hear that this Fire Roasted Salsa has been discontinued! I’m on my last jar. It’s great for me since I need to watch my salt intake. It’s so delicious, and I consume it daily! Trader Joes, please bring it back!

  14. MJ

    PLEASE BRING THIS SALSA BACK! The other roasted salsas simply do not match it.

  15. Stacy I.

    I just heard that this salsa was discontinued! I’m so disappointed to hear this, this is the only no salt added salsa available at any grocery store where I live. But it’s also just flat out delicious! Please bring this back for your salt sensitive customers!


    Best salsa ever! Please bring it back!

  17. Janis Hadley

    My sister suffered a massive heart attack a year ago and has had to adopt a low-sodium heart healthy diet. This salsa is the best one she has tried, and she uses it as a base for chili, soups, etc. And now it’s been discontinued??!? Please bring it back!

  18. Anonymous

    This is the only salsa I’ve used for several years. I am SO disappointed that Traded Joe’s discontinued it. It was a very unwise decision considering the sodium in other salsas!

  19. Jmac

    Bring it back!!
    This salsa is amazing. We’ve been buying it for years. My kids love it, too! I can’t buy most salsa, as it is too high in sodium. It is incredibly disappointing to see TJ’s discontinue.

  20. Rebecca


  21. Kristen

    Please bring the Fire-Roasted Tomato Salsa back!! I have a family member on a cardiac diet, and this salsa has been a staple for us. I bought it for years for myself before her health issues, because it is a great tasting product!

  22. Con Rumer

    Like all the other reviewers , I love this Salsa ! I too have need of and also a preference for low salt items, especially when they are this good. Now I discover that there are no more no salt added diced tomatoes either. I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s since 1965 at the original Pasadena store. There used to a featured area for products that were leaving the store soon. It was a great idea, because if you liked something, you could stock up . I admire all the new gluten free products , but salt free or at least reduced salt is probably even more important to many health wise.

  23. Gabby F

    I’ve been enjoying this salsa for literally ever. I am SO upset I can’t get it anymore. Trader Joe’s, please bring back my favorite salsa!!!

  24. Teri Dobos

    please bring it back!!

  25. Dave Oshinsky

    Please bring back this salsa! I’m very disappointed to hear it has been discontinued. It not only tastes awesome, but no salt added! Why discontinue such a fabulous product?

  26. David

    I started with this product as soon as I discovered it after quad bypass and awareness of high blood pressure 11 years ago. What a shame to discontinue something so healthful, even as medical experts increasingly warn about excess sodium in our diets. Wish more foods were offered with low or no salt added. It isn’t so hard to add your own NaCl, or in my case, KCl (No-Salt), to enhance flavor.

  27. Janice

    Agree with all previous comments. We need no salt added items for cardiac health reasons and have been buying this salsa among other items for the last 7 years. So much has to be prepared from scratch already to follow a very low sodium diet, so each item that is available commercially is a godsend. You already discontinued the no salt pasta sauce. Please bring back this salsa! We need you Trader Joe’s!

  28. Jeremy

    Please bring back this salsa! It is the only low-sodium salsa we could find and would buy 5-6 jars at a time!

  29. Robert Aring

    Please bring back this salsa. My son has to be on a low-sodium diet for his kidney and he loves this salsa.

  30. Laura

    I am going to join the chorus of “Why is this discontinued? It is so delicious!! There are too few good low sodium food choices in prepared foods, why oh why… Please Trader Joes, please bring back this Salsa!”
    My favorite salsa is now $25 per jar on Amazon.

  31. Jerry Long

    I found this site doing a search, desperately hoping what I’d heard wasn’t true, but I guess it is? Due to heart issue, I have to severely curtail sodium, and this was my only option for salsa. Everything else is loaded with salt. This re-opened the world of Mexican food to me, that I thought I’d lost forever. Now it’s gone again. Please, bring this back. I should have spread out my purchases more regularly; I’d drive 90 minutes to KC every once in awhile and buy about a dozen jars. Please.

  32. Bernadette

    WHY did you discontinue this salsa? Think for your customers. Some of us NEED this salsa. You didn’t even replace it with another no salt added kind! You have been asked to increase your no salt selections and instead you take away something great.

  33. Mary T Sheehan

    please bring back WHY did you discontinue this salsa? Think for your customers. Some of us NEED this salsa. You didn’t even replace it with another no salt added kind! You have been asked to increase your no salt selections and instead you take away something great. I have heart failure and on a low sodium diet

  34. RN

    Very disappointed to find out it was discontinued. It was what kept me going to trader Joe’s periodically – to stock up on 6 jars at a time. It was a unique draw for trader joes even when thier location is not convenient.

  35. AB

    Same as others have mentioned: we bought this salsa specifically because it was no salt added. Honestly, Frog Ranch low sodium salsa is better, but T-Joe’s was convenient. Keep discontinuing products I buy and I’ll have no reason to shop Trader Joe’s.

  36. Laura Avila

    Please please please bring back fire roasted no salt salsa….it was amazing….especially when my husband and myself can have salt!!!!

  37. Jill Siebelink

    This was my FAVORITE salsa EVER! I was heart broken that it was discontinued. My worst fear came true! PLEASE bring this back, please!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    I use to buy this salsa by the half dozen. Just as others have mentioned, I too need this product and other no salt added products because of heart disease. I wasn’t a Trader Joe’s customer until I found this product. Since I had to go out of my way to buy from your store, I always bought much more than your salsa when I was in your store. Now, I have no reason to travel the 20+ miles. You need to reconsider your decision to remove this item from your product line. I’ll return as a customer when you do.

  39. Judy

    I agree with the above reviewers. Please bring back this delicious no salt salsa. I have to keep my sodium down also. Also, I loved your no salt pasta sauce & the no salt potato chips. All discontinued!!! Saying all of this, Trader Joe’s is still my favorite food store.

  40. Betsy Gundry

    Trader joes gets rid of everything i buy. i can’t eat salt. It was the perfect salsa. Not sure why they got rid of it.

  41. Linda

    This was my favorite salsa also! I bought other Trader Joe’s salsa’s for my family
    but this is the only one I liked. I can’t imagine why they discontinued this one
    unless they weren’t able to get a necessary ingredient. Please bring it back.

  42. Michelle

    Please bring back this salsa! I used to buy 12 at a time. It’s so good and low sodium. None of the current TJ salsas are low sodium!

  43. Patty Malenfant

    I love this salsa. I am so disappointed to hear it’s been discontinued. It so hard to find low-sodium products, especially with the great flavor this salsa has. I found this when my husband had heart surgery and was on a low-sodium diet. I bought this salsa along with their no salt nacho chips. I actually don’t visit TJ’s as much because my favorite product is gone. So sad.

  44. Meg Redmond

    please bring it back!!!!!

  45. DeeJayGee

    This salsa is the best. I needs to come back!!!

  46. Vicki W.

    I was looking to buy some of this salsa on-line since I don’t live close to a store. I’m reading all of the comments and I’m disappointed to learn that the best salsa at Trader Joe’s has been discontinued. This product is why I shopped there! No need to make a special trip to a larger city now. PLEASE BRING THIS SALSA BACK!

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