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With an appearance similar to Fig Newtons.


23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fig Cookies Reviews

  1. Bill Nelson

    If these are intended as a replacement for the Fig Bites, they are a disaster. They are slightly bigger and sweeter, I think, than the Bites. Packed in a tray in a single line, they all stick together and tear each other apart when you try to remove them. I definitely will not be buying the cookie version again.

  2. Isabel Henry

    These are so much better than the fig bites ! Softer, chewier, sweeter and bigger.

  3. Hungarian

    Y’all have plenty of sweets in the store. How about some desserts that are a little less unhealthful/addictive? The fig bites fit this bill, but these new fig cookies are too sweet. When one is shopping for a fig bite, one doesn’t want the same amount of sugar as all those other delicious/unhealthful/addictive cookies/cakes/candies you sell. Please offer a selection of some more healthful sweets, please! How about a sugar or chocolate cookie with 40% less
    sugar, for example?

  4. Norm

    I agree with the 1-star review from May 9. They are 150 calories, rather than the 120 calorie Fig Bites. They stick together and tear apart when you try to separate them. I tried separating rhyme with a sharp knife — didn’t work. Next, I’ll try pre-chilling them.

  5. Renate Neuendorf

    Taste isn’t bad, and they are still better than Nabisco’s, but these are terrible compared to the fig bites! They crumble way too easily, so they make a new when eating, and they are too big. Why did y’all change?? I miss the originals. And the purple packaging just isn’t very appetizing or appealing.

  6. Bigge Al

    bring back the fig bites! these are so ungratifying that I am forced to buy from a BIg Box store what is like fig bites.

  7. Jack Johnson

    Compared to fig bites they are not so good. The fig bars from Costco’s are now a much better option. Will not buy these again from Trader Joe’s which is surprising since such a great place for most everything else.

  8. Amy Rice

    HATE the change…they stick together, they crumble when you try and pull them apart…huge disappointment…used to be a favorite at our house…done buying

  9. JB

    Not having had the previous Fig Bites, and only ever having had Fig Newmans or Nabisco’s Newtons… I say yessss. These are wonderful and exactly what my family wants in a fig cookie. We will be repeat buyers.

  10. AMA

    These Fig cookies are soft and delicious . Not to sweet and you get the great taste of the fig . LOVE THEM and most definitely will buy again . Good job Trader Joe’s

  11. Beez

    These cookies were given to me and I never had Fig Bites, so cannot compare the two. To me, the cookies taste alright, but the filling to cookie ratio is a bit off. Too much cookie, not enough filling, which leaves one with a dry, rather than figgy “mouth feel.”

  12. Phil

    These fig cookies are great. All respect to the other reviews, but I love them. Thanks TJ’s!

  13. Mary

    TJ’s Fig cookies are Brilliant. Remind me of Jacob’s Fig biscuits I grew up eating in Dublin, Ireland. The soft whole wheat surround is perfect to hold the fig mixture. It’s an art to eat the cookie while keeping the fig filling intake…takes skill! Practice makes a slow and perfect sweetness with a cup of tea.

  14. Connor

    These fuck

  15. concerned TJ Fan

    Deceptive labeling. They package label says Whole Wheat but the product contains no Whole Wheat at all. It is all refined White Flower. It is not like TJ to lie like this. I am disappointed.

  16. Alice

    Loved the whole grain fig bites-might as well go back to fig newtons. There are too big, too Brady and too white flour for me

  17. Julie

    These contain PALM OIL, a fat that many people cannot digest, myself included. The old fig bites were so good and I could not understand why these new cookies were giving me problems. Now I know. They also crumble too easily, stick to one another and are too sweet. Shame on Trader Joe’s for changing an item that was perfect.

  18. R Gentile

    I LOVE THESE. When they are good, these are what fig newtons should be. The outside is somewhat soft, and the inside is smooth and slightly chewy. Really delightful. If you get a “bad” batch, the cookies are stuck together and can even be rather stale. The difference is pretty striking but for the price I’m willing to take a chance.

  19. Ann Bogges

    These cookies are dry, crumbly and terrible. I loved the old ones. I will never buy them again

  20. Jess

    Never had the bites, but I love these. Just what I was hoping for. They don’t stick together, the ratio of filling to cookie is what you expect in a fig newton, the texture hits the nostalgia spot too, as does the not-excessive sweetness. Will buy often.
    Also: they come in a plastic tray inside the purple sleeve, which is usually a problem with cookies since you can’t fold up the sleeve to put a clip or a rubber band on it (if you don’t eat them all at once); the tray gets in the way. BUT NOT HERE: there is enough extra sleeve to do just that. Perfect.

  21. Rupert McRodgers

    Sensational, superior taste and texture to all other soft fig cookies. I but several at a time whenever I go to a TJs.

  22. Jen

    The most wonderful snack.

  23. Jay

    These fig cookies are the best that I have ever eaten, not real sweet, very moist, extremely chewy.
    Please don’t stop selling them.

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