Trader Joe’s Fig Cookies Reviews

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With an appearance similar to Fig Newtons.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fig Cookies Reviews

  1. Bill Nelson

    If these are intended as a replacement for the Fig Bites, they are a disaster. They are slightly bigger and sweeter, I think, than the Bites. Packed in a tray in a single line, they all stick together and tear each other apart when you try to remove them. I definitely will not be buying the cookie version again.

  2. Isabel Henry

    These are so much better than the fig bites ! Softer, chewier, sweeter and bigger.

  3. Hungarian

    Y’all have plenty of sweets in the store. How about some desserts that are a little less unhealthful/addictive? The fig bites fit this bill, but these new fig cookies are too sweet. When one is shopping for a fig bite, one doesn’t want the same amount of sugar as all those other delicious/unhealthful/addictive cookies/cakes/candies you sell. Please offer a selection of some more healthful sweets, please! How about a sugar or chocolate cookie with 40% less
    sugar, for example?

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