Rabitos Royale Chocolate Fig Bonbons Reviews

(20 customer reviews)

Everyone’s favorite combination of figs and chocolate stuffed together.


20 reviews for Rabitos Royale Chocolate Fig Bonbons Reviews

  1. Liana

    Bring back this product! We haven’t had a chance to enjoy these amazing chocolate bonbons before they were gone from all stores. So disappointed they are gone!

  2. Heather

    Please, bring this item back! Love to try them and heard good things about it!!! Can’t wait to see them.

  3. Sarmis Getusa

    Why do you have them on your shelves for such a short while only? More, bring more and keep them in stock at all times!

  4. George

    Me Ogg, me want more.

    Where’d they go. Please bring them back.

  5. Marie

    Please bring them back. Better than any other chocolate
    treats on your shelves!

  6. Jim Bartimus

    Where can I find these? Are you bringing them back?

  7. Rose D’Acquisto

    It’s the holidays! Please bring back these amazing figs.

  8. Ilene

    With a glass of Red Wine , or without … Perfection.
    It would be nice to have year round TJ’S .

  9. Lucie

    Bring them back, bring them back, bring them them please- please.
    Whiteout them the Holidays are just a drag and tease.

  10. Dilkash B. Ahmed

    These are the best! Would buy them year round.

  11. Iwona

    OMG, 9 rabitos Royale, so delicious. I will eat them every day. Please have them more often.

  12. Anonymous

    Bring them back this season please!!!

  13. Anonymous

    They were here for 2 weeks and now they’re gone.

  14. Kelley

    Omg! I went to purchase my first box at TJ after I tried one at a party and sooo disappointed they were sold out. . Any way TJ can carry them regularly? They are delicious!!

  15. Sal

    Served these as a guest in someone else’s house for Christmas. Help yourself, was what the host said. So I did! Went to Trader Joe’s to buy some for myself. NOT THERE. Grrrrr. I would buy these year round. SO VERY GOOD!!!

  16. Carla Carranza

    Please bring them back and keep them year round!
    They are SO GOOD!!!

  17. Sue Krikorian

    OMG !!!!!! Theses are the VERY best. Promise me that you will keep them in stock ALL the time. The figs are soft, the chocolate truffle filling delectable with a hint of brandy and the chocolate coating also divine!

  18. anita

    bring them back!!!!

  19. Abby

    These chocolates are bomb!!! Please bring them back!

  20. Simy

    These are from my country Spain. When I saw them I couldn’t believe it. I got three boxes to have at home and thought of purchasing some more and they are nowhere to be found now! WHY????? These are a must item to have!

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