Trader Joe’s Fat Free Pizza Sauce Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fat Free Pizza Sauce Reviews

  1. Wes

    Decent pizza sauce – not particularly special or amazing, but gets the job done.

  2. KK

    Great for the price. I like this in a pinch with TJ’s pizza dough and some sliced mozzarella.

  3. Betsy G.

    Great price, kids love it, very plain – which is great if you want a smooth sauce. Agreed with reviewer above – great quick dinner – TJs dough, this, some mozzarella & done.

  4. Becky B

    whoever heard of corn starch in pizza sauce???? I have bought the refrigerator sauce at TJ which was pretty good but they were out. I also make my own with plain tomato sauce and paste. The personnel at TJ recommended this sauce since they were out of the other and I bought just to try. First off it’s really watery and a weird color. Then there’s the fact of cornstarch. First ingredient is water. I would buy this if in a super hurry or just to have around but its so easy to make your own, I wouldn’t buy again.

  5. Susan H

    Very disappointed because it is Very watery. Maybe okay if putting it on English muffins or precooked bread products but terrible for the raw pizza dough. In my specialty pizza oven just literally is boiling like water when pizza is removed.

  6. Mary

    So thin it just sogs out pizza and totally ruins it. I love so many TJ’s products, but this one is a huge miss. It is beyond terrible and should be taken off the shelves.

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