Trader Joe’s European Style Whole Grain Bread Reviews

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59 reviews for Trader Joe’s European Style Whole Grain Bread Reviews

  1. Lucy V

    I eat this all the time. It’s excellent, and I am European. It’s very like a German bread so you have to adjust your expectations. I toast it, add a nut butter and slices of avocado, or make healthy sandwiches from it. No added sugar in this and it won’t make you crave additional carbs like normal bread. Super healthy. Try it!

  2. Patricia Di Leva

    I’m not European but I love this bread. Just had it with deviled egg. Its excellent. You can taste the richness. I buy it at the Rancho Palos Verdes store in California. I can also eat it plain. Another quick way is in the micro wave with a piece of cheese melted on top.
    Thank you also for always making me feel welcome in the store. Love Trader Joe’s inventory. Love the flowers. I’m 86 and still say its my favorite store.

  3. Michael Massey

    It’s AMAZING!!! Just like almost every other TJ product!

  4. Nadege

    I love this bread!

  5. Bianca Gadi

    I grew up in Germany and we Germans have a different, much higher standard as to what is food quality. This bread is an absolute A. Super tasty, high quality REAL bread. It is heavy and you will not eat a lot of it. My tummy hurts easily when eating bread. I have no problem eating this. You might even toast it briefly, which adds a wonderful sort of nutty taste to it. This bread with any topping provides you with a nourishing super filling meal alternative. IT IS THE BOMB.

  6. Elisabeth S Brackney

    This bread was just like what I used to eat growing up in Austria. I love it! I bought it twice at your Centennial, CO, store when I was visiting there recently. Now back in Moscow, ID (where we don’t have a Trader Joe’s), I asked a friend who was going to Spokane to bring back several packages for me. Unfortunately, she said the Trader Joe’s there does not carry it any more. I was very disappointed. Can you please stock it again? I would definitely buy it every chance I get!

  7. Dena McCrea

    Okay, I too have had the addiction bug hit me concerning this bread. Yes it’s heavy, but oh my is it flavorful. It stays with you. We went by a local TJ when vacationing a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for an Ezekiel type of bread, as I like that brand also. For toasting, you can’t beat this. For sandwiches, some of you may feel it’s too dense or potentially crumbly. I haven’t tried it for sandwiches myself yet, but I’m sure it will be very good. Now to get a TJ closer to me…….

  8. Christine

    Just tried the bread today for the first time. Love it!

  9. dan hess

    tj’s european style whole grain bread no longer available.
    SAD! Clerk in Surprise AZ store said it sold good.
    Guess the bean counters weren’t happy.
    Will see what is available on Amazon. Wish me luck!

  10. Leslie Westhead

    Where can I buy this amazing bread?

  11. Leslie Westhead

    Best Bread Ever!!! Super healthy and Tasty!!!

  12. Lilo Barnes

    I am so sorry that Trader Joe’s does not sell this fantastic bread anymore…..European Style Whole Grain Bread ….
    Where can I buy this or order it like 5 or 10 packages at a time???????? Amazon?????? Please let me know……Thank you!

  13. Lilo Barnes

    the best Pumpernickel ever …..where can I order it from?????

  14. kim d west

    @Lilo Barnes, I too could not find the best Grain bread at T.J’s. Seems that “the suppliers” tease us (consumers), get us hooked on the T.J. “drug”, then pull it off-the-shelves without any replacement….grrrrrr

  15. Beth

    Found this bread today in a Bay Area, California TJs. AMAZING!! 10/10. It is grainy, filling, and hearty – all things I want in my bread. Sad to see reviews above saying it’s sold out/discontinued in their area.. hope it stays in stock here! And I hope it comes back to you all in earlier reviews because this bread is soooo yummy!

  16. Andrea Carney

    Sooo good! Sooo authentic! It truly is European/German. Please, please, please, Fort Collins store, don’t EVER get rid of this fantastic bread! You should advertise more for this bread. People need to know about it. No bread anywhere at grocery stores comes even close. THANKFUL!!!

  17. Jeanne Murray

    TJ should advertise in its TJ FLYER its great ingredients including SUNFLOWER. RAW HULLED SEEDS and FLAX. I LOVE IT BEST ANYTIME DAY OR NIGHT WITH TJ BUTTER SOFTENED.

  18. Guelnara Savard

    This is the best European bread I’ve had outside of Germany. So fresh hearty and tasty! Makes me miss Germany!
    I’m so happy they carry it at my favorite store, TJ’s !!

  19. Nancy Jane Sevitz-Poarch

    My favorite bread! When you read all of the reviews you can imagine how delicious it is! I recently moved from the San Diego area to the Santa Cruz area, both in California. I was so glad I can still get this bread at Trader Joe’s. However, upon a recent trip to Eugene, Oregon, I was not able to get the bread at their Trader Joe’s. They acted as if they had never even seen it before. They had no idea what I was talking about. I have shopped at Trader Joe’s most of my life, and I’m 62. Unfortunately, things used to come and go at Trader Joe’s, but now it seems to be a much more stable inventory. I really hope they continue to offer this delicious and healthy bread!

  20. Michelle S.

    This bread is FANTASTIC! I bought it at the San Luis Obispo, CA store last night and had it for breakfast this morning. It reminds me of the bread we had when we visited Austria. It was delicious toasted and topped with a little cream cheese and fresh figs. Please don’t stop carrying it! I live closer to the Templeton store, so l hope when l go there next time you will have this.

  21. Sabrena

    Bought this on a whim yesterday and I am completely obsessed. I never expected to taste Pumpernickel bread this good outside of Germany and Austria yet here we are. Slices are thin and dense, full of seeds and nuts. Don’t buy this expecting your usual, average bread–it simply isn’t. BUY OMG is it delicious. Not the best for sandwiches but rather toasts. Excellent IMO with PB&J.

  22. Stefan

    Best German bread available in the US. It has been part of my daily diet for years but now not available anymore! Trader Joe’s needs to bring it back! Please.

  23. Mark

    Yuck! It’s rarely that I dislike any food, but I find this bread to be bland. I also don’t like the way it crumbles while I’m holding it, or the fact that it doesn’t absorb liquid foods like soup, sauce, or gravy.

  24. Lynn N Huidekoper

    I like it toasted with either butter and jam with a cup of coffee or with soft cream cheese topped with thinly sliced onions and cucumbers. i love the crunchiness. I notice that in some TJ’s, it is no longer carried. The same with the Tuscan Pane Pumpernickel. It was the only pumpernickel dark rye great for sandwiches that TJ’s carried . My TJ’s in Menlo Park, CA used to carry it and it was popular. Again TJ’s management dropped it. But there were some TJ’s that still carry it. I think I will try and call distribution centers and find out why they keep dropping breads that are obviously popular!!

  25. Lezlie Heller – Heller House Inn on Main

    I have a B&B near Zion National Park and we don’t have a Trader Joe’s here in Southern Utah. I fell in love with the Euro bread and made it an option on my breakfast menu, so I stock up when I am in Las Vegas and the bread keeps well in the freezer. If I do run low, I post it on FB as there is always a friend making a run to Las Vegas. I recently (by accident) found another great way to serve this healthy bread. If you toast it twice on the high toaster setting, it doesn’t burn but gets hard enough to break into pieces and it makes the best cracker! It was not available the last time I checked and I am hoping that it is back on the shelves next trip. I am down to my last loaf :/

  26. Adam

    I had a small scare when my local store has been out for awhile, (supply chain issues), andworried that they were going to discontinue it. It’s the BEST! (Now if they’d only bring back those Gorgonzola crackers…)

  27. Adam

    I had a small scare when my local store has been out for awhile, (supply chain issues), andworried that they were going to discontinue it. It’s the BEST! (Now if they’d only bring back those Gorgonzola crackers…)

  28. Brenda

    Just tried this bread for the first time today and I love it. I toasted it and topped with almond butter and bananas. Very filling and yummy. Looking forward to trying some of the above suggestions. It’s an A for meeeee

  29. Nina Hansen


    This is my first review.

    Where can I buy this great bread. Our TJ in Redlands, CA does not carry it any more.

  30. keroppi

    This is very similar to the German bread I had before. I went to trader joes store quite often but didn’t remembering see it recently until yesterday. My local TJ store is in Milpitas

  31. timothy janicke

    I CAN’T FIND IT ANYMORE (at least not in DC)

  32. William Hughes

    Loving this bread! It is delicious and is a great compliment to a wide variety of “toppings”. Toasting it makes for a whole other taste experience. Finding it in Walnut Creek and Concord, Calif stores. Please keep it on the shelves!

  33. Kathleen

    Since we don’t have a single Trader Joe’s in the entire country of Canada (cue tears), we stock up on TJ’s European bread every time we travel down to New Mexico. (The bread freezes beautifully). We lightly toast a slice, add a thin piece of Gouda cheese, a light spread of TJ’s Zhoug, and top it with sliced grape tomatoes. Heavenly. Worth the trip every time:)

  34. Dennis

    My favorite breakfast is a toasted slice topped with a fried egg, sunny side up. Delicious, ready in under 5 min and filling enough to keep me going until lunch.

  35. Anne

    Better than the whole grain bread I ate in Austria, my home country! So delicious I ate half of the package in one sitting, with just a little butter and radishes on it. Great job, tj.

  36. Art Stoll

    This is the most nutritious bread I have ever discovered!!!
    I highly recommend it for your health!

  37. Kathleen Carter

    Flew to New Mexico this week to visit family, brought extra suitcase to fill with our favourite Trader Joe’s European Style Bread (we have no TJ’s in Canada). Both ABQ stores have discontinued it!! On the scale of major world issues, this is totally inconsequential, but as “one of life’s little pleasures”, this bread offered excellent taste and nutrition, and was a healthy way to start our day, and we’re really going to miss it.

  38. Nancy

    Simply the best. Out of this world! Dave’s Killer Bread (thin slice, whole grain) is my go to, but bought this ‘on a whim’ from my local TJ’s. I AM HOOKED. I can eat this in its natural state or even better toasted…. plain, w/ avocado or a bit of butter. Love love love it!!!

  39. rick

    discontinued in SF area. what is a good replacement?

  40. Greg Oates

    Not available anymore in LA. Talking to a manager they said they’re trying to find a new supplier Bummer!!!

  41. CorKam

    Breakfast will not be as enjoyable without this bread. I hope they can find another supplier.

  42. Mary Garbesi

    Love this bread. So sad and dismayed that this tasty and healthy bread has been discontinued. Please, please, please bring it back!

  43. Paige

    Discontinued! It was the best.

  44. F.E.V.

    so disappointed their healthiest bread was discontinued!!
    it had more nutrients than the other stuff and was great, tasty, hearty etc…
    anyone know why it got discontinued??

  45. Rick in NorCal

    This has been my go to bread for breakfast toast for many years. So disappointed to find that it is discontinued. Would love it if Trader Joe’s can bring it back!

  46. Scott

    I bought this bread every week for years and now Trader Joes discontinues it, really pisses me off because I was loving this bread. Now I have to find a similar bread which mean online and that means very expensive options. This bread was selling well so there is no reason to stop making it. Now if anybody knows who made it so we can buy from the maker directly.

  47. C.F.

    Love, love, love this bread! Why has it been discontinued? Please, you need to bring it back!

  48. Antje S.

    Mählers Bakery in San Diego made this bread for Trader Joe’s, unfortunately in November 2023 they permanently closed their doors after 60 years!

  49. Bill Graber

    What a loss. That bread was my favorite almost forever.

  50. Roger

    Loved this bread and used it many ways for quarter century. I found something similar at Berolina Bakery in Montrose, CA, though it doesn;t toast quite as well.

  51. Pat

    I live in Seattle and fell in love with this bread while visiting Palm Springs. I looked up here and called TJ’s office and asked about the lack of it in Washington State, and they said that it was all a matter of finding the right bakery, one that excels in making products like these, and there was no one up here to make it. So every time I’d go to Palm Springs, I’d “mule” about 4 or 5 loaves – heavy stuff! – or I’d ask my sisters to do it when they visited. I’d keep one loaf open and freeze the rest. Then my sister went to get some for me, and it was gone! We took a trip to San Luis Obispo and managed to find some there, but once that was gone, I was on the hunt again. Ironically, I just found something in Puerto Vallarta I’d not noticed on any shelf before – Mestemacher Three Grain Bread – and brought it home. Had some this a.m. An okay substitute, but still not as good.

  52. Nicola

    PLEASE bring back the European Black Bread!

  53. Timo

    Please bring it back, I ate this bread for decades…it made me feel good and I Loved the taste of it! THANK YOU !!!!

  54. Trudy

    Absolute staple for me for many years. No available substitute that comes close. Should I hope that Trader Joe’s can duplicate with a new supplier or will they continue to double down on prepared foods and sugar?

  55. Mike

    Absolute staple for me for many years. No available substitute that comes close. Should I hope that Trader Joe’s can duplicate with a new supplier or will they continue to double down on prepared foods and sugar?

  56. Sandy Bass

    Bring this back please!!!! It was the best bread ever in the US.
    Why did you stop selling it?
    Where can I buy it now???
    Also: should you ever decide to bring back a similar bread: DO NOT get Mestemacher’s bread, it is awful, and doesn’t even come close!!!

  57. David Dold

    This was the only bread I ate. I get it, prolly didnt sell well. If you follow Robert Lustig, this is real bread passing the test: “If you threw a loaf at someone’s head would it knock them out or bound off” This was real bread, the kind Jesus ate, “broke bread” is heavy, dense, useless for a sandwich, truly wholegrain and highly nutritious. RIP

  58. Anonymous

    Please ,please bring this bread back. I am devastated that I no longer can get this bread. The only bread close to what I used to buy in Denmark . I cannot find anything close to this in flavor and texture. It was on my table every day for as long as Trader Joe’s had it available.

  59. Chris

    Down to one slice left of my daily intake of this bread. As “anonymous” says, this is the only bread that comes close to what one could get when living in Denmark. Much healthier than any other bread available in USA (my experience). Please get another supplier/vendor/manufacturer. Don’t do Mestermacher – too dry.

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