Trader Joe’s Espiral Vinho Verde Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Espiral Vinho Verde Reviews

  1. Diana Bishop

    This is a light wine is absolutely PERFECT for summer. Slightly bubbly, it’s best enjoyed cold and, unlike many other wines, feels extremely refreshing. Vihno verdes tend to have a lower alcohol content than other types of white wines, which I think is why I seem to go through bottles of this stuff, despite being a lightweight. Bonus – it’s never given me a hangover!

  2. Emily

    Like the other reviewer said. Fresh, crisp, low alcohol. Reminds me a little of green apple, with a hint of tartness. Nice to drink on the porch when it’s too muggy for heavier drinks. Cheap (most vinho verde is) and good.

  3. Celeste Lamosse

    Been a fan for a couple of years, like to include this one in gift packs, its that good! Crisp with a hint of lime and a delightful slight effervescence.

  4. Craig

    Superb value, simply addictive!

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