Trader Joe’s Dijon Mustard With White Wine Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dijon Mustard With White Wine Reviews

  1. Didi H

    Solid dijon mustard at a great price! I wish it came in a squeeze bottle b/c things can get a bit gross as you get down to the bottom, but compared to the $5 grey poupon at the grocery store, I’ll take this any day! I believe it’s under $2.

  2. Mary Jane

    Very goof Dijon mustard at a great price. I am picky about my condiments. I find the heat of this mustard to be between Grey Poupon (which can be a little harsh) and the Maille Dijon (which I will admit it my favorite) which is milder, but still retains the great Dijon flavor.

    TJ’s Dijon is excellent and much cheaper than the afore-mentioned mustards – so I am happy to buy and use it!

  3. Carol

    I had to throw it away. It was like eating wasabi straight up. Maybe it was a certain batch but I haven’t bought it again

  4. Jen

    I agree with the wasabi comment — it had a very strong horseradish taste. I had to throw away the jar.

  5. Reg

    This mustard was so strong that it gave me a stomach problem after eating it just once.
    Like wasabi strength times ten and I Have had stomach issue for a week.

  6. Chris

    Short of going to France, this is the best Dijon mustard out there, easily found and at $1.69 a jar, get two!!.

  7. Glen Marks

    WoW there must have been a bad batch. I love this mustard and have for many many years .
    It is rich and mild and goes great with German sausages. I especially like it with Weisswurst
    or Boudin Blanc

  8. Jimbo Johansson

    If you put this mustard straight in your mouth, uncombined with any food… or if you plaster it heavily on stuff like it’s store brand salad mustard as used by trailer trash… then you’re an abject imm-bow-sile who’ll get what you deserve, which is your brains blown out all over the ceiling. If, on the other hand, you DO have a brain and use it with a light touch on foods it complements, you’ll see it’s divine, one of the best mustards you’ve ever had. It’s an excellent counterpoint for fatty foods and flavors.

  9. Joanna

    Love it

  10. Michael Barnard

    Excellent product! Actually French; not a watered down product made in a North American factory “somewhere “.

  11. debie gunter

    agree that it has VERY strong horse radish taste and EXTRA spicy…that is not listed on the ingredients. I like horse radish, but this was over the top.

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