Trader Joe’s Dark Russet Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Russet Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Dale Fluegel

    If you like well done potato chips, these are amazing!

  2. Mace

    I’m a junk food junkie … especially potato chips. These are hands down the best ever. They taste like real potatos … think of the best french fries you ever had. Perfectly salted, crunchy and the thickness is just right. They are not “well done” … they caramelize to the dark color during cooking.

  3. Tonya Johnson

    OMG!!!! If you, like me, looked forward to finding that one extra dark potato chip, look no more. Trader Joe’s has come out with their Dark Russet kettle-cooked potato chips. It’s a dream come true bagful of dark potato chips! These chips are crispy, crunchy, mouthfuls if goodness! And just three simple ingredients; potatoes, peanut oil, and salt. And…they are not over salted! Thank you Trader Joe’s for making the best potato chips, ever!!!!

  4. Jill Mayo

    Okay – Now I am upset. I went to TJ’s today and was told that my favorite Trader Joe’s Dark Russet Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips were being discontinued!!! Every month I purchase 8 to 10 bags. One of my main reasons I drive an hour to the closest store. OK corporate, whats the deal?

  5. Rosanna M.

    Have to agree with Jill Mayo above. I went today and was told they were discontinued. They are the best potato chip that money can buy, in my opinion. Please, please,please reconsider TJ’s Corporate and re-instate them on the shelves.

  6. Cindy Clancey

    I made a special trip to Trader Joe’s just to purchase these chips and was told they were discontinued. Not happy!

  7. Karen McBride

    Ditto what they said! These are the absolute best. And everyone I’ve shared them with has loved them, too. I picked up some TJ’s truffle chips today when I couldn’t find the dark russets, and am disappointed. No comparison. Please bring back the dark russets!!

  8. Liane Leavitt

    Best potato chips on the market. WHY are they discontinued??? PLEASE bring them back. Now I have one less reason to tackle the parking at my local TJ’S. Sad, sad, sad…

  9. L. Rubino

    This is one of my favorite items at Trader Joe’s. It was the only item I purchased (every time) I went into the store !!!
    OMG . . . I am really upset. Please bring them back ASAP !!!

  10. Ronnie


  11. Neal Hebert

    OK, TJ. what’s wit pulling the russet chips?? BRING THEM BACK!

  12. Marta Bachynsky

    I had eaten my last bag and went today to get some more, but couldn’t find them. I was told they were discontinued. These are (or were) my favorite potato chip… until they were discontinued. Say it isn’t so! Please bring these back.


    I also made a trip to get Russett chips. I went to the manager and complained. He told me they were replacing them with new ones. But it will be a while.

  14. Sally VanOrman

    I am so upset ..why did you discontinue the best potato chips ever? Please bring them back!!


    I NEED THE RUSSET CHIPS…can I order them online somewhere!?

  16. Shades

    I am opening my last hoarded bag today. Therapy next week.

  17. AmieD

    This was the reason I went to TJ. I would often get other items as I would poke around the store and find other items, pretty much every single time I went to TJ. Now that these chips are no longer available, I don’t go to TJ. These were the best chips ever and TJ discontinued them. Bad move, TJ.

  18. Wesley

    These chips were the reason I’d make the drive to the nearest store. Without these, there’s nothing drawing me in to browse/graze/scrounge/explore for anything else. I’m so disappointed. These were the best potato chips ever.

  19. Craig

    Best potato chips – ever. Incredibly satisfying and delicious. How could you possibly discontinue these??? Please reconsider and bring them back!

  20. Sally

    Was thrilled to see Dark Russet Potato Chips back on the TJs shelf yesterday. These are a bit fifteenth from the ones discontinued last summer..IMHO, they’re not quite as dark and thick as the old ones. But definitely better than none at all.

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