Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Buzz Bars Reviews

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Confected from a blend of Colombian cocoa nibs and coffee beans. 70mg of caffeine per bar.

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Buzz Bars Reviews

  1. Ariella Brown

    Very rich taste. You do taste the coffee, as well as the very dark chocolate. I love that it comes in 4 little bars inside. I didn’t realize it due to the packaging and had thought it was just one big bar.

  2. Murray Blehart

    I was unprepared for how awesome this was! If you like dark chocolate and coffee you need this in your life!

  3. Christopher M. King

    Absolutely delicious!!! But curious just what % dark chocolate is used?? New morning ritual has been initiated! ❤

  4. EC

    It’s good… But they don’t disclose what percentage of dark chocolate. I’m guessing 55-60% based on its sweetness. Which is ok, but i usually go for 70% and higher.

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