Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Buzz Bars Reviews

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Confected from a blend of Colombian cocoa nibs and coffee beans. 70mg of caffeine per bar.

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Buzz Bars Reviews

  1. Ariella Brown

    Very rich taste. You do taste the coffee, as well as the very dark chocolate. I love that it comes in 4 little bars inside. I didn’t realize it due to the packaging and had thought it was just one big bar.

  2. Murray Blehart

    I was unprepared for how awesome this was! If you like dark chocolate and coffee you need this in your life!

  3. Christopher M. King

    Absolutely delicious!!! But curious just what % dark chocolate is used?? New morning ritual has been initiated! ❤

  4. EC

    It’s good… But they don’t disclose what percentage of dark chocolate. I’m guessing 55-60% based on its sweetness. Which is ok, but i usually go for 70% and higher.

  5. Nah

    Gross. Waxy, the chocolate taste is not good, and the coffee flavor is surprisingly heavy in the mix. Does not marry the two well. Would rather have good chocolate with a good cup of coffee. This bar is kind of the worst of both worlds.

  6. Vernon


  7. Fatima

    Very yummy. It was really strong at first and once you buy more it starts getting less bitter. The dark chocolate adds to the bitter taste but in a good way.

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