Trader Joe’s Cubano Seasoned Wrap Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cubano Seasoned Wrap Reviews

  1. Dre

    Way too salty.

  2. Kim

    This one is great! I put it in the air fryer to crisp the outside, but it’s very flavorful and it makes you forget it’s a pre-made sandwich. Wraps aren’t even my favorite, but I tried to stock up on these and they’re often sold out.

  3. Vince Pack

    My favorite wrap. I don’t just mean TJ’s, either – my favorite period. The citrus/dill(?) sauce makes it truly fantastic. Having a hard time getting it as of 12/21 – hoping it’s back soon!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if you’ve ever eaten a proper Cuban sandwich but this offering is complete trash. It in no way comes close to a proper Cuban sandwich. The meat even tastes like roast beef. I never found a cucumber. It’s not pressed. Where’s the mustard. It’s like they purposefully messed everything up?

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