Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips Reviews

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Ingredients: Onions, Rice Bran Oil, Salt.

Nutrition: 220 calories per package.

Product of Thailand.


17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips Reviews

  1. Jack W.

    I really liked these. Apparently they’re considered very “hit or miss,” because everyone I know who has tried them has either loved them or hated them.

    I like onion ring type stuff, and chopped onions in tacos, but I’m not even a diehard onion fan in general. I don’t like caramelized onions for example. These had a perfect slightly sweet onion taste to them, with a light fluffy texture (or, according to the haters, “styrofoam-like”). Only 220 calories for the bag, and it tastes like a really indulgent delicious snack to me. Onion ring vibes, but with a soft less crunchy chip (kind of like shrimp chips for anyone who’s had those).

  2. Sherrie Adler

    Very disappointed in this product. I truly like onions and potato chips and was expecting, from description on pkgs. chips of onion. The flavor and shape were there, but the chips were not crispy, they were almost soggy. Bought these in the Whittier, CA store. Wish I could find the beet chips I used to get.

  3. Kyle

    Love em. Novel idea, great flavor, simple ingredients, and satisfying snack. They are more of a soft airy texture, less crispy, but I wouldn’t expect much more from a whole food.

  4. Martin

    So I got these while getting my fix of Jerk Plantain chips. “ONION… CHIPS?” I thought as I grabbed the bag. Sure enough: Onion, Rice Bran Oil, and Salt were the only listed ingredients.

    The texture and crunch are definitely not the same as other types of chips, but still very enjoyable. The flavor is salty and sweet and just fantastic. I’ll be getting them again as long as they’re available. If you love onions, you’ll love these.

  5. Elvira

    These have the texture of Veggie Chips, soft and airy, so if you think veggie chips are styrofoam, you won’t like these. I really liked them – they have better macros than average chips. The onion flavor really comes through, but it’s more of a caramelized , sweet onion flavor. They’re great with TJoes romesco dip!

  6. arizona tester

    Not for me.
    I was looking for something different – and these are – but not a great texture and too much raw onion flavor for a snack.
    I love onions raw or cooked every which way, but not these.


    I like them! I ate as a side with my salad. They are very airy and tasty! Definitely an ONION flavor along with the strong onion taste. Everything I expected!

  8. Jamie S from warren ohio

    I absolutely LOVE these chips … I still have 6 bags at home and my last few trips to my local trader hoe’s I haven’t seen them in store . I’m really hoping they get more in because I want to stockpile them , that’s how much I enjoy them … I love them by themselves or on sandwiches or burgers


    I loved these when they first came out. However, this month I purchased these chips three different times and each time I became extremely ill after eating them. At first I thought it must have been the salmon that I had eaten on the same day so I never correlated the abdominal pain the diarrhea and the cramping that I had…with the chips. The second time I bought them and had the same response. I briefly thought it could have been the chips but chalked that up to silliness since I’ve never had a reaction to onions before, but yesterday I bought these chips a third time and since I wasn’t very hungry last night, I just ate some chips from the bag and then put them away. This morning when I woke up I still wasn’t very hungry so decided to finish off the last few chips. So instead of making a full breakfast I just opened the bag up and ate a few of the chips along with a piece of feta cheese. Within 2 hours I had the exact same reaction…severe abdominal distress gas and diarrhea. When I went on online to contact trader Joe’s about this, it just so happened that I saw an article from the CDC regarding onions from Mexico and how they were causing people to have salmonella poisoning. This is crazy I thought. On the package it says the chips are made in Thailand. However Thailand primarily exports shallots so I believe they import the vast majority of their actual onions. I am unable to find any information as to where Thailand imports its onions from. But if they are onions that are being imported from Mexico then this would completely explain why I’m having the reaction to these chips that I’ve been having most recently. Especially when you consider that I’ve never had any reaction to onions prior to this. Trader Joe’s really needs to look into where these onions in Thailand are sourced from and if indeed they are the same onions coming out of Mexico that are causing people to develop salmonella, they need to pull them from the shelves. I have never felt so sick in my life as I was last night and today after eating this final bag of chips. I will not be eating them again and I caution anyone thinking about buying them to hold off and find out where this company procures the onions that they use to make these chips. So far in my research this evening I’ve not been able to find any information that tells me where this company procures its onions to make these chips. I will be on the phone on Monday morning to find out. I am still sick and hopefully will recover over the weekend.

  10. T. King

    These were just grossly disgusting. Not only were they not very crunchy, the onion flavor was so strong I might as well had bitten into a raw onion. I spit it out as soon as I bit down on it.

  11. Jay

    Texture reminds me of eating a dead moth like you find on the windowsill. Taste is okay.

  12. Marla

    I’m a huge onion fan and LOVE these! Perfect for dipping or eating plain.

  13. Michelle

    I hoarded Maui onion Lays chips when I was in Hawaii, but this is next level. I’m an onion lover and yes, eating mass quantities of onions is hard on your digestive track (to address the complaints that these onions are contaminated or whatever). But they are a perfectly delicious, whole food that is a better snack option than chips.

  14. Kellie

    Ok why heck are those of you who hate onions buying these? Seriously! And you can’t get salmonella from FRIED onions…please! 150 degree F kills it-so enough of the drama-you had a reaction to eating ONION…it’s not uncommon. Now for the REAL people who like onion these are great and have potential to be awesome depending on how you use them. I am Keto and eat about a 1/3 of the bag (there are only 12 carbs in the ENTIRE bag.) on top of things that need strong onion. My favorite is on top of my tuna salad (amazing), or on top of my creamy keto green bean and mushroom casserole, avocado toast, and the list goes on. These are light (kinda rice chip airy) and strong tasting. I wish they could figure this out with shrimp to make shrimp and onion chips because this is onion on crack for me and could really have other applications. Love them!

  15. Laird

    I agree with Kellie’s review above completely. I thought that they were delicious, though not very filling. Thus, I wish that they cost less because I could eat a lot of them!

  16. Mea

    Tasty but an incredibly small package for how light these ‘chips’ are! Realistically, you can eat 3 packs of these and be as full as eating a third of those big white cheddar puff bags. There are not cheap either! Kind of feels like a rip off. Super tasty though. Will buy again just won’t stockpile them.

  17. Laurette Cherry

    I Love onions! So, when i saw these, I did not hesitate to buy a bag.
    Opened them as soon as I arrived home. I was hungry. First thought, crunchy, but did not taste at all like onion – way too sweet. Still hungry kept eating as the bag said it was 1 serving. Very soon had stomach ache. Uggh. Checked ingredients. Onions, rice bran oil, salt. Way too sweet . And suspect there is something else not listed.
    Do not recommend them. Crispy, air puffed onion by product. I have to select a rating to submit review, so reluctantly give 1

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