Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips Reviews

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Ingredients: Onions, Rice Bran Oil, Salt.

Nutrition: 220 calories per package.

Product of Thailand.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips Reviews

  1. Jack W.

    I really liked these. Apparently they’re considered very “hit or miss,” because everyone I know who has tried them has either loved them or hated them.

    I like onion ring type stuff, and chopped onions in tacos, but I’m not even a diehard onion fan in general. I don’t like caramelized onions for example. These had a perfect slightly sweet onion taste to them, with a light fluffy texture (or, according to the haters, “styrofoam-like”). Only 220 calories for the bag, and it tastes like a really indulgent delicious snack to me. Onion ring vibes, but with a soft less crunchy chip (kind of like shrimp chips for anyone who’s had those).

  2. Sherrie Adler

    Very disappointed in this product. I truly like onions and potato chips and was expecting, from description on pkgs. chips of onion. The flavor and shape were there, but the chips were not crispy, they were almost soggy. Bought these in the Whittier, CA store. Wish I could find the beet chips I used to get.

  3. Kyle

    Love em. Novel idea, great flavor, simple ingredients, and satisfying snack. They are more of a soft airy texture, less crispy, but I wouldn’t expect much more from a whole food.

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