Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips Reviews

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Ingredients: Onions, Rice Bran Oil, Salt.

Nutrition: 220 calories per package.

Product of Thailand.


1 review for Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips Reviews

  1. Jack W.

    I really liked these. Apparently they’re considered very “hit or miss,” because everyone I know who has tried them has either loved them or hated them.

    I like onion ring type stuff, and chopped onions in tacos, but I’m not even a diehard onion fan in general. I don’t like caramelized onions for example. These had a perfect slightly sweet onion taste to them, with a light fluffy texture (or, according to the haters, “styrofoam-like”). Only 220 calories for the bag, and it tastes like a really indulgent delicious snack to me. Onion ring vibes, but with a soft less crunchy chip (kind of like shrimp chips for anyone who’s had those).

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