Trader Joe’s Cornbread Crisps Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cornbread Crisps Reviews

  1. Ttrockwood

    Absolutely the best snack i have purchased maybe ever. Very very difficult to put the bag down! Crispy, light, flakey, great flavor of cornbread and exactly enough salt. Perfect with chili or about any veggie soup, the crumbles at the bottom of the bag make great croutons for salad

  2. Nico

    These chips are unbelievably good. I’m not even necessarily a diehard cornbread fan, but I could probably eat this bag in one sitting!

  3. B.younnger

    That cornbread crisps is so good my son bought it to me we don’t have a store here

  4. MES

    Best snack I ever found at Trader Joes. Has anyone seen them recently?

  5. Chives

    Interesting concept but I’ll stick with real cornbread

  6. MW

    There must be something wrong with our tastebuds. My friend was at Trader Joe’s and these were flying off the shelf so she bought 3 bags, one of which she brought to my house for 4 of us to try. 4 out of 4 didn’t care much for them at all. All agreed that they are too sweet, for starters. Had they left the sugar out or even cut it in half, they would have been much better, in my opinion.

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