Trader Joe’s Coffeehaus European Style Mocha Low Fat Yogurt Reviews

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28 reviews for Trader Joe’s Coffeehaus European Style Mocha Low Fat Yogurt Reviews

  1. Pat Radtke

    I love it! Not as sweet as the chocolate flavor, but tangy and good. I heard two weeks ago that it had been discontinued, sorry to hear that as it’s been part of my daily calcium intake for a few months now and will be missed. I’ve tried other brands of similar flavors, but this was the best. Looking now for a good substitute.

  2. Ali

    Yes, very disappointing that the Coffeehaus European style mocha yogurt was discontinued. Trader Joe…what were you thinking? I’ll definitely be shopping there less frequently.

  3. Withs

    First it was the dark chocolate covered cranberries that disappeared….then the wonderful lentil soup. Now…….Can’t believe the delicious mocha yogurt has gone!!!! It’s the only reason that brings me into the store today. Please bring it back!!!

  4. Deb

    I agree! Please bring it back!
    It’s one of the primary reasons I shop at TJ’s.

  5. Kelly

    Completely agree. I used to buy it a case at a time. My trips to Trader Joe’s have significantly decreased since this product was discontinued.

  6. Jane Demian

    I love Coffeehaus European Mocha yogurt and I was very disappointed to learn that Trader Joe’s discontinued one of my favorite yogurt products. It was one of the reasons I shopped at Trader Joe’s. Please bring it back!

  7. Dave

    I used to drive 2 hours each way, there and back, to stock up on the mocha yogurt. It was definitely my all time favorite. And of course we would buy many other things while we were there as well. Now I have no reason to make it worth the drive. Extremely disappointed that it was discontinued.

  8. Julie

    I completely agree. There is no other yogurt like this I know of, tart and not sugary or full of aspertame, love both flavours! I’m not sure who makes the decisions but you would think they would discontinue the unpopular products rather than the beloved ones! I used to take the bus there to get my yogurt, European style hot chocolate and lentil soup, all now discontinued, no special reason to no there anymore.

  9. Joan Weinstein

    Please, please bring back the chocolate and mocha yogurt. Why do you keep discontinuing a favorite?
    Or at least tell us where we can purchase it!,

  10. Todd

    Any way we can get traded Joe’s to bring this back. Both the mocha and chocolate (especially the mocha) were exceptional and we just haven’t found anything that comes close to comparing. We keep meeting people who bought it regularly and miss it so. Does anyone know a similar product (consistency and taste). Thanks!

  11. Gracie Q

    I just found out this yogurt was discontinued and I’m so disappointed. Really loved that it was different and I would go out of my way to get it. Please please bring it back!

  12. Scotty

    I was born in Europe and moved here, years ago, at age 25. This was the only yogurt I ate here, because it was the closest one to European kind. None of the other yogurts at TJ’s come close to it. I am soooo disappointed you discontinued it!!! Very sad. I will have to start searching for another favorite – perhaps at Whole Foods?. That means less shopping at TJ’s… Please bring it back!

  13. Jeffrey

    I agree with everyone who said how disappointed they are that the mocha yogurt was discontinued. I’m a yogurt freak, and this was the best one I’ve ever had. I used to buy 20 to 30 of them per week. Now my trips to TJ’s have seriously diminished. Sorry, TJ’s. Not sure why you’d discontinue a product that no one else has, that tastes so good, and is relatively healthy. If the numbers don’t work, please find a way to make them work! Thank you.

  14. Sharon Snouffer

    I went to trader joes every time I visited my 95 year old grandmother to get this for her. She was born and raised in Germany and is very sad it is no longer available.

  15. Barbara Barkley

    I, too, absolutely loved this yogurt and am terribly sad it is gone. Please come back, yogurt!!

  16. karo

    please bring it back

  17. Nery

    We beg TJ to bring back this yogurt. Please!

  18. Carol

    I went out of my way to buy the chocolate yogurt. I miss it–please please being it back– I refuse to shop at Trader Joes now because they discontinued this product.

  19. Map

    TJ!!! Please bring back the mocha yogurt. My trips to TJs are less frequent bc of the loss of this yogurt Please reformulate if need be and get it back on the shelf. It was unique and wonderful. I do still shop for my various nut varieties. Love you TJ. Please help with the mocha yogurt issue.

  20. krista

    I went to Trader Joes yesterday specifically for this yogurt and was surprised to see it was gone. Today I googled it and it’s discontinued. So sad. I literally stopped in for this alone. So sad.

  21. Jane Chaine

    Same, so disappointed. I would biy this yogurt by the case. Now i find myself having no reason to go back to TJs. Please bring this item back. Why was it ever discontinued in the first place?

  22. Lynne Louise

    Ditto, please bring it back. I’m craving it.

  23. Kellie

    Loved these. Please bring back!!! Missing terribly.

  24. Anonymous

    Why did they discontinue these yogurts? Sometimes, I crave for them 🙁

  25. Natalie melville

    Please bring back the lowfat European chocolate and mocha yogurts!!! They are super popular,and delicious!!!

  26. Nicola

    These have been long gone but I still crave them. No other product like it. I really miss the mocha…. Please bring it back!!!!

  27. Pavel

    Please bring it back, why did you take it away from us?!?!? Spent literally a decade eating it, and It was the best one on the market. Even Chobani’s coffee yogurt isn’t quit the same!

  28. Anonymous

    I bought this regularly by the case. Mocha and chocolate. Please bring it back!!! I don’t shop at traders much anymore since this is gone.

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