Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream Reviews

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Rachel

    This coffee ice cream is so creamy, with a perfect texture and great flavor. I was very pleasantly surprised since I’ve tried some of Trader Joe’s other ice cream flavors that I wasn’t as big a fan of, so I didn’t believe the ‘super premium’ labeling on this at first. Happy to say that it did live up to that title! The only thing that would improve it for me is if there was something more in it — like an Oreo-type cookie (or Joe-Joes, I guess, coming from TJ’s!) or some chocolate chips or flavoring. But the ice cream itself is quite good.

  2. John

    Just as good if not better than sbux ice cream and haagen daz. This has a serious caffeine kick with tiny fine coffee bean bits in it. Full robust strong coffee flavor. A swirl of chocolate fudge through this would be heaven.

  3. Coffee lover

    I am a bit of a coffee ice cream snob and I give this 2 thumbs up!

  4. Caitlin

    Beautifully dense and creamy. Tastes like high quality ice cream and has a great coffee flavor!

  5. Anna

    I am a coffee ice cream connoisseur, and this is the best big store coffee ice cream I’ve come across. The texture of the ice cream is rich and velvety, and it has a full-bodied satisfying coffee flavor that lingers on your palate. The price is right too!

  6. Carol

    Just the best coffee ice cream out there. Goes particularly well with Trader Joe’s hot fudge.

  7. Lisa

    Great ice cream. I only wish they’d make a coffee flavored soy ice cream!

  8. Amy

    The absolute best!!!! I am afraid I will not sleep as I am on my second cup of it. Planned for just a small taste and had to go back for more. I will be keeping this on hand. You know a girls gotta have their sweet treat!!!

  9. Carol Ross

    This is absolutely the best coffee ice cream out there. Add a little hot fudge and I’m in heaven. Maybe I’ll add some marshmallow cream, too. Hmm

  10. Robert Chase

    No, the coffee grounds do not improve the ice cream — the grittiness definitely detracts from the creaminess. It’s also too bitter. Haagen-Dazs’ coffee ice cream tastes intensely of coffee, but does not share these defects.

  11. Sharon A

    The best coffee ice cream – strong and not overly sweet

  12. Cathy Sherman

    Best coffee ice cream, bar none. Starbucks used to make their own ice cream, which was close. This ice cream tastes creamy and the espresso bits In it enhance the flavor. My personal favorite combination is a root beer float with this coffee ice cream. However by itself, it’s hard to stop eating once you start. I second the remark about being a reasonable price as well. I think I have purchased three Trader Joe’s refrigerated bags just to bring this home because I forgot mine.

  13. Jutta

    Surprised at all the good reviews. This is SUPER bitter. I NEVER had bitter ice cream and if you don’t like bitter taste, do NOT buy it. I had coffee ice cream from other brand names and they don’t have to be bitter to taste like coffee. I throw this one in the trash. Very disappointing.

  14. Xara

    It’s hard to choose one’s favorite ice cream in the whole wide world… but this would be it. I love everything about it, especially its strong coffee flavor. A friend thought it was too bitter, but I say it’s perfect. I usually drink my coffee black, and don’t think there’s anything at all bitter about this ice cream.

  15. Bob

    I am ADDICTED to it 🙂 (Can an addict be objective in a product review?)

    Oh well; when I want a coffee ice cream fix, I know I can ALWAYS GET IT IN TJ’S, even when all other stores fail.
    Plus it’s delicious to me too!

  16. Jeff

    Treader Joe’s needs to figure out how to manage supplies better. They have been out of this coffee ice cream for almost 2 months. It is one of the only reasons I shop there and I have finally found a replacement. so I will not go back.

  17. Nancy Castle

    As many others, I have always been an aficionado of coffee ice cream. It is puzzling that large name brands forget to add much coffee to them. After the first taste, it is hard to tell what flavor it is. But, not true with Trader Joe’s. It really thrills my taste buds. The only problem is the texture. Whoever makes it for the Rochester NY area store forgets to add the creaminess that others mention. It is icy hard and trying to dip it with a scoop nearly breaks my arm. So, I guess the good news is that my ice cream cones are always a bit on the small side. Oh, well…..

  18. Martin Margulis

    Its blew me away. Best coffee ice cream ever and probably best ice cream, any flavor ever. You will not be disappointed!

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