Trader Joe’s Classic California Rolls Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Classic California Rolls Reviews

  1. Stewart

    Like other Trader Joe’s sushi, a quick “no thank you” to this. It’s a mystery to me, because Trader Joe’s does so many things so well, but for some reason their sushi, including their take on California Rolls, doesn’t even remotely cut it.

  2. Anonymous


  3. McKayla

    Every time I make a Trader Joe’s trip I get something new to try, One trip I spotted the brown rice California rolls and gave them a shot. Now when I make the trip to Trader Joe’s I buy a handful of them at a time!

  4. PMI

    Pretty bad. The rice is gummy.

  5. Nicole

    Gross.. stay away.

  6. Anon


  7. gianna greer

    disgusting! the rice is gummy, and the insides are flavorless. i do no not recommend!

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