Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Grahams Reviews

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Old-fashioned style graham crackers with cinnamon.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Grahams Reviews

  1. Lena

    These are surprisingly good! They taste like they would have way more sugar in them than they actually do. They even have less sugar per serving than the non-cinnamon graham crackers – great for giving to kids.

  2. S. Niwak

    My daughter buys these and when I babysit it’s my little treat. They are outstanding and soooo delicious. Very addicting. THE BEST cinnamon graham crackers. Love them ! B

  3. Victoria Gomez de la Torre

    I was literally addicted to these crackers. It is the only kind of cookie I like…that is until now. They changed something about the recipe. Not as crispy, the flavor is also a bit different. I have to say something because I would hate to learn that TJ is cutting corners on one of their best product. I still have the hope that it is only this latest batch. Fingers crossed

  4. Eddie

    I bought a box of these yesterday and they don’t even look the same much less taste the same. Theses used to be my go to snack. Texture is different and there is no cinnamon topping any more. I’m noticing a lot of products changing and not for the good.

  5. Christine White

    I bought a couple of boxes of the TJ Cinnamon Grahams the other day, as I usually do when I am there.

    Something has changed, and that is why I am on this site! The ones I just bought do not look, nor taste the same, and that is really too bad. I am not a happy camper, and from what I am reading, I am not the only one.

  6. Jan

    February 26, 2024
    I discovered these grahams recently and was pleasantly surprised. They are the best I have ever had! Of course, I am not in the position to compare them with the Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Grahams of the past, as the above reviewers have lamented. One curious thing about packaging, though, is the fact that Trader Joe’s does not state where these crackers are actually baked. Why??? Please let us know, Trader Joe!

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