Trader Joe’s Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Swirl Gelato Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Swirl Gelato Reviews

  1. isabella

    very tasty, but i was expecting a richer, creamier flavor. this tastes and feels “lighter” than the regular TJ super premium ice cream, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. the consistency is similar to a tub or cool-wip.

  2. Jim Gormley

    How do you open the container?

  3. Colby Laplace

    How do you open the container

  4. Foodboi

    Junk ingredients. TJs quality is going backwards while prices go up.

  5. Sharon

    At 180 calories for 2/3 Cup, I think it is excellent.
    You break a corner of the lid and lift off. Very easy to open.

  6. Laura

    Tastes like frozen whipped, cream cheese frosting. It what I was expecting.
    To open, don’t pull up on the lower rim. Pull up
    On the smaller rim where the plastic corner breaks off.

  7. James Stewart

    The container is a challenge to open – thus it deters impulse eating…
    If it had fudge running through it or chips of chocolate bark it would be better. Otherwise it is heavenly to the eye and taste…

  8. Kelly

    I was very excited to see this product initially, but I was quite disappointed once I tasted it. This gelato doesn’t taste like any gelato I’ve had before. It has a very artificial flavor, it almost tastes like marshmallows or something, it’s hard to put my finger on it.

    When I first saw it in TJ’s, I noticed that it was a Product of Italy and assumed that it would taste like authentic gelato. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

    Once I tasted it, I reviewed the ingredients and noticed there are many more ingredients in there than there should be, in my opinion.

    This one was a miss for me.

  9. Totrubi

    This is not up to Trader Joe’s standards and tastes very artificial. A waste of money.

  10. D

    Horrid Chemical Goo! I bought this for company but decided to taste it before my company arrived. I’m glad I did! At first I thought it was my own taste buds because it tasted so chemically and greasy. Then I took a look at the ingredients. It looked like something from a chemical Factory. Give this one a hard pass and wait for Trader Joe’s to up its game again. Shame on you Trader joe’s!

  11. SK

    This is delicious, light and my favorite of all the frozen desserts. I hope they keep this one!!!!!

  12. Suzanne Laborda

    Cold and frozen. I think it has an aftertaste. I probably won’t finish.

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