Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport Reviews

  1. Carol

    The packaging of your dark chocolate passport adds to the delicious taste of the chocolate — makes opening it each time a fun event

  2. CDJ

    I love this! The chocolates are delicious! These make a nice little Christmas gift when you don’t want to spend a lot.

  3. Anonymous

    you really believe this? then why are the ingredients the same on all bars? wouldn’t they be different?

  4. Jim Leff

    Anonymous ,

    You are god damned right. Reminds me of the time Chateau Lafite revealed the ingredients in their Bordeaux, revealing that it’s nothing but a bunch of goddam grapes. Hundreds of dollars for a bottle for grapes! Same ingredients as Welch’s grape juice!

    Thank your for adding a fresh breeze of sanity and reason.

    But, fwiw, I think the chocolate passport is primo. Just ‘cuz I’m whimsical that way.

  5. Eric

    Honestly, these all taste the same. Absolutely no difference between them.

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