Trader Joe’s Chocolate Lebkuchen Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Lebkuchen Reviews

  1. Cathy Woerner

    Cookies are disgusting. The bottom of the cookie is white and looks like styrofoam. I called Trader Joe’s headquarters and was told the white bottom is potato starch, corn starch and protein powder – no flavor and looks nasty. Would never purchase again and would not recommend.

  2. Pat Barton

    I love them- wish I could have more. !!!

  3. Ursula McNicol

    This year’s sugar glazed and chocolate covered Lebkuchen were amazingly good. No chance to store them. They are all gone. Wish they were still available. My whole family loves them.

  4. Charles R Leitzell

    Trader Joes Lebkuchen is the traditional Nurnberg Lebkuchen and I believe it is imported from Nurnberg, Germany for the Christmas season. Stock up if you like it since it sells out and is only available at Christmas.

  5. Diana Fragoso

    I LOVE these wonderful European Christmas cookies. These Trader Joe’s Lebkuchen are among the Best I have had. They use the best ingredients with plenty of finely minced nuts and candied Orange and the quality of the chocolate is top notch! I love to enjoy these with a latte or a cuppa spiced tea. Enjoy!

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