Trader Joe’s Chocolate Lebkuchen Reviews

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Lebkuchen Reviews

  1. Cathy Woerner

    Cookies are disgusting. The bottom of the cookie is white and looks like styrofoam. I called Trader Joe’s headquarters and was told the white bottom is potato starch, corn starch and protein powder – no flavor and looks nasty. Would never purchase again and would not recommend.

  2. Pat Barton

    I love them- wish I could have more. !!!

  3. Ursula McNicol

    This year’s sugar glazed and chocolate covered Lebkuchen were amazingly good. No chance to store them. They are all gone. Wish they were still available. My whole family loves them.

  4. Charles R Leitzell

    Trader Joes Lebkuchen is the traditional Nurnberg Lebkuchen and I believe it is imported from Nurnberg, Germany for the Christmas season. Stock up if you like it since it sells out and is only available at Christmas.

  5. Diana Fragoso

    I LOVE these wonderful European Christmas cookies. These Trader Joe’s Lebkuchen are among the Best I have had. They use the best ingredients with plenty of finely minced nuts and candied Orange and the quality of the chocolate is top notch! I love to enjoy these with a latte or a cuppa spiced tea. Enjoy!

  6. Ashleigh

    I’m a mom who doesn’t take for granted any time I get to eat a nice treat. I was excited about these but they weren’t moist enough for my taste. The white layer at the bottom was interested and did not add to the aesthetic or flavor (not sure it’s purpose). I appreciated the bountiful nut and orange flavor but I wish this had been more of a traditional gingerbread. I do prefer soft cookies and this had that component. I also liked the size and thickness. Overall, I would not repurchase. There are so many other delightful treats at TJ’s that are more worth your while.

  7. Vanessa

    These lebkuchen are delicious and authentically German. If you are not familiar with German lebkuchen, this is a great example of them. They are not supposed to be like a traditional American gingerbread. The white bottom that some noted they disliked, are typical for the German lebkuchen. Growing up in a German family, we grew up on these and had them every Christmas. My Grandmother would ship them to us, because these were not so readily available in the states. I believe these are imported from Germany-they certainly taste that way. Highly recommend.

  8. Jasmin Days

    I just love when Trader Joe’s has German lebkuchen in stock for Christmas. It reminds me when I was a little girl in Germany with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, sisters, parents and friends. Thank you so very much.

  9. JO

    These are unique and delicious cookies that I enjoy purchasing every year. The bottom is basically made from a wafer. You can order the wafers separately and try making these at home. Lighten up, haters, these are delicious. Great with a cup of coffee or tea. Almost like a little piece of cake.

  10. Serenity Guedel

    Wow. People complaining about the wafer at the bottom are all kinds of confused about how these things are traditionally made and maybe should keep their delicate palate at animal cracker level where it belongs. This cookie (I prefer the chocolate covered ones) is excellent and is a seasonal item I look for every year. The spices are perfect. The construction (wafer layer included) is perfect. 10/10 want to buy again.

  11. Kimberly

    TJ lebkuchen are the best for price performance. Very high proportion of nuts to cookie ratio which means it’s less sweet than other brands so it does not appeal to mainstream American sweet tooth. This cookie has a medieval and monastic origin – the wafer is an unconsecrated communion wafer that keeps the batter from touching the pan. I usually buy 6 packs to last me through the winter.

  12. Andrea

    They are the real thing – Lebkuchen aus Nuremberg. Best served with Glühwein on a cold winter evening. Thanks Trader Joe’s helps against homesickness!
    The white thing on the bottom is called Oblate. There are nuts in it and candied lemon peel. People who want to have more nuts should buy Elisen Lebkuchen. They are baked without flour, only with nuts.

  13. Jane Shaw

    This is fabulous lebkuchen, moist, light and full of flavor and texture, better than the original Schmidt lebkuchen. Can’t wait for it to arrive at our local Trader Joe’s.

  14. Lisa

    They are wonderful, just like one can find in Germany at Christmas time. Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

  15. Debbie

    I mean after I read what was in this cookie I was like, oh well that’s why this is disgusting.

  16. Christine

    Wonderful Lebkuchen! They taste like the ones you can find in Germany and I’m so happy to be able to find them at Christmas time. Lots of nuts and dark chocolate, just perfect.

  17. B. Baumann

    These are traditional German Lebkuchen. The white thing on the bottom is called „Oblate“ it is a thin wafer made of flour (sometimes potato starch). It’s purpose is to keep the incredibly sticky dough/nut mixture from adhering to the baking sheet. What I especially love about these is that they are not super sweet or drowning in icing. Thank you, TJ‘s for selling these original Lebkuchen. I wait all November for their arrival!

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