Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Ground Coffee Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Ground Coffee Reviews

  1. Mark

    I think like most folks-I bought this out of curiosity. IF you want a java flavored hot chocolate–this is not for you. It tastes like drinking a dark chocolate bar with a hint of hazelnut. The roast is medium and the coffee is not that strong. It is still a fairly bitter drink. If you like dark chocolate with something that smells great and trends towards bitter-this is great.

  2. Leslie

    I picked this up & put it back several times as we have plenty of coffee at home. I am so glad I picked it up & bought it. This is so yummy! I made this in my espresso machine. Added 1 T. heavy whipping cream. No sugar. It’s not bitter like Starbucks but this does have a bit of a bite. Like the other reviewer said, it’s fairly bitter which makes it delish. I will be buying more!! Enjoy this nice treat if you’re staying away from sugar! Of course, you can use sweeteners. It might make it taste dessert’ish.

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