Trader Joe’s Chili Sesame Oil Reviews

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Ingredients: sesame oil and dried red chilies.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chili Sesame Oil Reviews

  1. Stewart W.

    This is SO good! I like regular sesame oil, but I would mainly only use it in cooking. With this chili sesame oil version, I can use it as a sauce. For example I’ve put it over stir fries, rice bowls, and even veggie nuggets. It has the perfect combination of spice/sesame oil – not so over the top that you’re running to chug a gallon of water, but definitely with a strong flavor. Highly recommended!

  2. Bobby

    A must have in your cabinet
    If you like hot and spicy this stuff Is great
    A little bit goes a long way

  3. GEND

    Tastes like sesame oil with a nice kick! Can be used on top of food, as a dipping sauce, or to cook with – personally like dipping dumplings in this. Would buy again

  4. Justin R.

    I use this for stir fried and meat marinades. Be sure to shake it before each use so that you can get as much of chile flakes. Whether cold or hot, it packs a huge kick and will leave your mouth tingling and your stomach wanting more.

    I only wish it came in larger sizes. Alas, I’m always stocked with at least two.

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