Trader Joe’s Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas Reviews

(29 customer reviews)

29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas Reviews

  1. Kevin Fina

    please bring these back or at least indicate where other sellers of these type of tortilla can be found. These are some of the best tortillas we had found and it is unfortunate you no longer carry them. any help would be appreciated.

  2. Michelle

    Could not agree more with the review above- please, please bring them back! These are the best tortillas I have every had.

  3. Lauren Handy

    Miss these!!! They were the best!

  4. Jackie Whitney

    We were sad to hear these were discontinued. They were so delicious. Please bring them back.

  5. Drina

    please bring them back !!!!! they are the best tortillas ever !

  6. Robin Miler

    These are so good and we’re a staple at our house. Bring them back to the stores!!!

  7. Karin

    These are the VERY BEST tortillas I’ve ever had. Please bring them back!

  8. Lynette

    These were the best! Please bring these back! They were the absolute best tortillas. So sad I can’t find anything close to these 🙁

  9. Lori

    Discontinued??? Terrible! These were a staple in my home. Please bring them back! Why were they discontinued???

  10. Stephanie

    These were my absolute favorite! They are the most delicious tortillas on the market! Genuinely very upset that they are gone.

  11. Nancy

    Please bring these back – they were a staple in our house as well. They make the best quesadillas! Once a week, we typically made quesadillas with whatever protein and veggies were in the frig with these – chicken and mushroom, steak and peppers, etc.

  12. Elvira

    Yes bring them back, this will make me shop elsewhere since this is (was) the only place to get them. Thin k about it, you’re losing a customer and ALL of my other biz cause you don’t want to stock ONE SKU???

  13. Carol M

    WHY in the world would these be discontinued??? Has anyone phoned the national headquarters to find out why. These were the best tortillas in the entire world!!! I LIVED to make my cheese quesadillas with these tortillas. A TRAVESTY!!!

  14. Carol Perkins

    The only reason I went to Trader Joe’s…of course I would buy other items while I was there…but just went for the Chile & Onion Tortillas. Another customer lost if they do not start selling them again. I tried some others you had and there is no comparison!!

  15. Joanne

    While I’ve been a Trader Joe’s customer for years, finding myself out of your chile & onion flour tortillas was what prompted a trip to the store. Frequently I’d find that the store was sold out of them so then I started calling ahead. I’m baffled why you could sell out of what was obviously a popular item and yet feel the need to suspend carrying them. PLEASE bring them back! Your spinach and your chia tortillas don’t hold a candle to the chile & onion, and in all honesty I’m now going to Trader Joe’s less frequently. Very disappointed about this development.

  16. Pauline

    Please bring these back! I just discovered these amazingly delicious and quality tortillas and they’ve been discontinued! Trader Joe’s is already lacking in vegan items and the vegan population is growing…these need to be brought back!

  17. Phil

    My lunch staple….aged Swiss on a Chile and onion tortilla…60 seconds in the microwave….20 minutes of delicious eating. I was stunned to learn that they’re gone and, like the others who have written, find the other tortilla products to be vastly inferior in taste and texture. I’ve been a loyal TJ customer since 1980 and I’m hurt,, at least reveal who makes them or satisfy the hew and cry of your loyal customers and BRING THEM BACK ! Thank you

  18. Jessica

    I only go to Trader Joe’s for these tortillas.

  19. Mel

    The employees at our local TJs are tired of hearing me ask – what happened to the chile onion tortillas?!? Please bring them back- quesadillas haven’t been the same since!

  20. Glenda Tinsley

    This is sad. I guess we will shop elsewhere for tortillas.

  21. joe


  22. Kim

    I miss these terribly. I don’t understand why you would discontinue such a great product. Makes me not want to shop TJ anymore.

  23. Valerie J Lusk

    I didn’t know they were discontinued because I hadn’t bought them for several months. Went today specifically to get them, and of course couldn’t find them. I am VERY disappointed that they are gone. PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back!!!

  24. jack ettelson

    Please bring chili and onion tortillas back

  25. Gregg

    I couldn’t agree more with the previous reviews. I was told they just quit carrying them in Dallas because they didn’t have a local distributor. Apparently they’re gone everywhere now. By far my favorite item at TJ. Please bring these back.

  26. Synesha

    My Favorite Tortillas were your Chile & Onion tortillas. I would cut them up and fry them as they made great chips with my taco cheese dip!

    Please bring this item back.

    Thank you

  27. Arlene Oakland

    I just finished up my last package (sob!) of your Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas. (Talk about extended shelf life… Yes, I was hoarding them as long as I could!). They’ve been gone forom your shelves for a year now, and I haven’t yet found a comparable tortilla to buy. They truly did make the best quesadilla, with whatever leftovers needed to be used up. Can you please PLEASE share with us who your supplier was, so we can order them elsewhere?

  28. Sharon

    PLEASE BRING THESE BACK! Breakfast is bland without these delicious tortillas

  29. Nancy

    Still hoping you’ll bring these back – they made the best quesadillas with whatever leftovers you had in the frig. Have tried most of the other current tortillas in TJs, but none are close. Now I’m trying grocery store brands (yuk) to get something similar.

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