Trader Joe’s Chickpea Kale and Crispy Red Rice Salad Reviews

(19 customer reviews)

With avocado herb vinaigrette.

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19 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chickpea Kale and Crispy Red Rice Salad Reviews

  1. shavon Jackson

    OMG sooo delish. Its so flavorful. I love it and will be going back today to stock up for lunch all week. Thank you TJ’s for never disappointing. This salad is wonderful.

  2. Patil

    Probably THE BEST salad I have tried from TJs. Red rice and kale add the perfect crunch, dressing is delicious with the creaminess of the avocado dressing. You won’t regret it!!!!

  3. Matt Brown

    Not only is it so delicious, especially if you’re a fan of a crispy citrus punch, but look at the ingredients! I was stunned that there was no added oil. The avocado and added acids do their job. So great.

  4. Brad

    The chickpea component of this is VERY similar to the Chickpea Masala salad that’s been on production delay for a number of months now. This version with the kale and crispy red rice bits is not as versatile as for the former version, but it’s nearly as flavorful and is quite satisfying.

  5. Rebecca

    WOW! I was not expecting it to be this good or filling! Definitely will be going back to TJs to stock up on this!

  6. Debbie

    Wow! Delicious and flavorful . I split it up and used it on top of an arugula , tomato and avocado salad with toasted quinoa for two absolutely wonderful meals. Thank you for this awesome salad! I can’t wait to buy more and stock up!

  7. Andrea

    Wow!!! I was not expecting it to be so flavorful!!! The dressing is delicious, perfect amount of citrus that lingers on your palate. The crunch makes a wonderful contrast. I will be stocking up on this! I would even cook some quinoa and add this on top? Great way to stretch this salad and make super affordable “multi meals”.

  8. Busy Mum

    I bought this thinking that it is gluten free, but not sure. It says it contains wheat, but where? in the vinaigrett or the package that comes with it? I wish that Trader Joe’s would label at the store what is gluten free. I would appreciate that for sure.

  9. Anonymous

    Delicious! Love the crispy rice

  10. Showroom Dummy

    Delicious. Probably the best thing I’ve ever had from TJs.

  11. Working Professional – Kelly

    Truly an amazing salad! I literally eat this 4x a week for lunch! It tastes SO SO SO SO GOOD! please don’t ever take it away!! I’d be lost going to trader joes if it’s gone forever!

  12. Anonymous

    I loved this salad. Going to get more of these.

  13. Linda m

    One of the best tasting salads am addicted to this. I enjoy the flavor and crunchiness very filling.

  14. Wes

    This is incredible! The first time I got it, it was a begrudging purchase of “eh this is good for when I’m too lazy to prepare something myself” (which is often lol) and that it looked like a healthy easy option. But wow, the taste is legitimately fantastic! It’s not even like “well, it’s good FOR a salad-ish type of healthy item,” but just delicious, period. Great flavorful sauce, the tomato pieces give it a pico de gallo feel, the crispiness of the toasted red rice adds a fantastic and fun texture, and all of the ingredients are the perfect proportion to each other. I absolutely love it! The only downside is, at least at the local TJ’s stores near me, the ones they have out expire very quickly. So I can’t really stock up on these and just have to get 1 or 2 at a time and plan to eat within 24-48 hours of buying. But damn it tastes good AND it’s pretty healthy!

  15. Myra J

    Soooo incredibly satisfying!!! The taste experience lingers on so nicely. Hmmm. The balance of taste and textures is genius…
    Often sold out or just a few on hand.

  16. Marin

    This was quite possibly the most disgusting salad I’ve had in my life. It was barely seasoned, and there were so many shredded carrots, I felt like I was a grazing rabbit. A few of the puffed rice pieces were so hard, I thought they were errant seeds. Maybe better with more dressing? I just can’t imagine what other salads people are eating if they think this is good.

  17. Jennifer

    This salad has no flavor at all, well that is everything tastes like RED ONION. I hate red onion and I wish TJ’s wouldn’t put it in everything. I can’t taste the chick peas, the kale or the tomatoes at all. The avocado flavor is drowned out by the onion and the vinegar. It’s just a bowl of sour red onion. I’m depressed.

  18. Tammy Rice

    Love this dish. So much flavor. I recommend this for a great summer salad.

    My one request. Please offer the crispy red rice as a salad condiment!

  19. kd

    very yummy and filling

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