Trader Joe’s Chicken Wrap with Pesto Vinaigrette Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Wrap with Pesto Vinaigrette Reviews

  1. Meagan

    I have to say, this wrap was amazing. It was great to be able to heat the wrap up and then add the pesto sauce. Sometimes with prepackaged wraps they become soggy with whatever dressing is pre added. With the Chicken Pesto, you are able to add as much or as little as you like. Very filling and easy to eat on the go during the workday. Will absolutely get again!

  2. Mihir, Drake, and Talon

    Best I ever had ~ Drake
    The pesto vinaigrette is to die for! ~ @mihir_bettadapur on ig.
    Eat the wraps like groceries ~ @talpal01 on instagram

  3. Teresa

    This is the best sandwich .
    I only wish that they would sell the Pesto Sauce in a jar.
    Ohhh, please hear my cries!!!
    Thank you

  4. Emily

    If I had a last meal request – this would be it! I want to eat this for lunch everyday! Seriously. @TraderJoes i NEED this recipe for the pesto vinaigrette. I can only imagine how delicious it would be on Salmon or french bread or really any other food item! Thanks!

  5. Rob

    The chicken wrap it’s self is fine. The tortilla is a little on the greasy side. But, as others have said, that pesto vinaigrette is really good. Makes the chicken wrap delicious.

  6. Brian Taylor

    BEST tasting sandwich, of its kind, that I’ve ever had.

    I WISH they would sell the Pesto Sauce in a jar!

    It is so good I could drink it.

  7. Mimi Fisher

    This sandwich is the best! I echo the comments above about the pesto vinaigrette. Please make it available in the refrigerated section with your other sauces.

  8. Moniquca Mckinney

    I ate the wrap without the sauce first not realizing it was in the pack because I only ate one half. But when I discovered the sauce when eating the other half I ate it without any warming and it was still amazing .

  9. js

    i didn’t see the pesto at the bottom and ate this bland sandwich without it. then naturally i found the pesto and dipped the remaining bite and it made all the difference in the world i can safely say the secret is the sauce

  10. Jeremy

    I found this site just because of this wrap. The pesto vinaigrette is so awesome. Finished it off with potato chips after the wrap was gone.

  11. MilleFeuille

    A good wrap. Love the sun-dried tomato. The zucchini is very minimal. Packaging recommends heating the wrap but I prefer it at room temp.
    As others have stated, the pesto vinaigrette is fantastic, and yes, they should also sell it as a separate product.

  12. chidog

    Not great! Where’s the pesto. A very bland and boring wrap. Could be improved dramatically.

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