Trader Joe’s Chicken Taquitos Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Taquitos Reviews

  1. Wes

    Yum – comparable to other brands of frozen chicken taquitos. Crispy and good to dip in your sauce of choice. My only complaint is the packaging, which isn’t always the best at securing the taquitos from freezer burn.

  2. Rebecca Houlihan

    These were one of my favorite TJ’s products but they’ve gone way downhill! They used to be made of shredded, good quality chicken but about six months ago the chicken was replaced with ground up chicken mush. Not good. They’re still ok if you slather them with salsa, etc.. but I hope they bring back the original formula soon. Please, they were awesome. Not sure if the beef taquitos have gone through a similar transition.

  3. Boston Mike

    Had these a while back and they were really good.
    Purchased a package recently and as the reviewer above, Rebecca describes them ” the chicken was replaced with ground up chicken mush. Not good. Way downhill!”

  4. Elizabeth

    These were really terrible. I’ll never buy them again. What the??? The filling was some kind of mush. Just don’t buy these ever

  5. Jorge Avila

    These are the worst taquitos I have tried. There is no trace of chicken as we know it. The tortilla seems decent but what supposed to be chicken is just a paste that could easily be mashed potatoes or the kind of chicken paste McDonald’s uses for their chicken nuggets. I will never buy this product again not will recommend.

  6. Mandarin Chickenwasamazing

    I trust the brand Trader Joes. When I am used to above average quality from them in food like the frozen mandarin chicken, I am willing to pick up random items to try out. But this mushy powdery chicken-like filling is so bad I had to leave a review on the web for gods sake. How can it be this bad? Spare yourself the money and the taste in your mouth. Avoid these taquitos like the plague, at least until they improve them. 10/27/19

  7. Tessa

    Gross!!! Wish I saw the reviews before I bought these! They are nasty.

  8. Paul Whitacre

    Way overpriced for the quality that you get. Pretty much flavorless. The “chicken mush” comment is right on the money. However I will give them 2 stars as a vehicle for conveying salsa and guacamole into your mouth. But on their own their not worth the price.

  9. Logan Williamson

    Agree with everyone else here. The old ones with shredded chicken were great. I just bought a pack for the first time in years and they are filled with this nasty, mealy, dry, under-seasoned ground chicken that is awful. 1/10 would never recommend, they’re literally worse than the cheapest ones from other grocery stores (and they weren’t that cheap)

  10. Anonymous

    Entirely tasteless. Avoid at all cost. I gave these to my friend with IBS who can’t handle strong spices, and even he didn’t want them.

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