Trader Joe’s Chicken Enchiladas Reviews

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Sold in the frozen section in packages of 2 enchiladas.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Enchiladas Reviews

  1. Sandy Wilson

    The flavor of these was very good especially the sauce. I cooked them in the oven because other reviewers said that the microwave way would lend a hard enchilada shell. The only thing I would say is I expected chunks of chicken in there from what other people said and I’m not sure if we even had ground chicken in ours. We couldn’t detect anything…

  2. Becky Banks

    Very disappointed in these chicken enchiladas. The corn tortilla were goooey and the chicken was so shredded is was mush. Not appetizing at all.

  3. vladimir putitin

    barely even food, tasted like i was biting into a warm unwashed underarm

  4. Sarah

    Not even worth one star. The worst thing I’ve ever had from TJ. We found them inedible and threw most of it away. No chicken that we could find other than a few tiny shreds. There could not have been more than a tablespoon of chicken in the entire package. Tasted only of corn meal and a very nasty red sauce ( which was actually kind of spicy but otherwise flavor less). I can’t believe they have the nerve to sell this—they have many good products but this isn’t one! Zero stars.

  5. Dina

    The flavor is not bad and a bit spicy. But it was basically a plate of unrecognizable mush with scattered traces of what may or may not have been a microscopic piece of a chicken.

  6. Anonymous

    This is my favorite food. It’s great because it is one of few spicy prepared foods that doesn’t have a lot of onion in the ingredients, so one of few that I can handle with my IBS. Each one is different and yummy. There is just enough cheese to enjoy it but not so much to make my stomach uncomfortable. I really hope they don’t stop selling these!

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