Trader Joe’s Cheese Blintzes Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cheese Blintzes Reviews

  1. Sherri Garner

    I really like them, flavorful and not overly sweet Easy to prepare and price is right. Perfect for a brunch. I would say Jewish deli quality and lot less in price.

  2. Batya Bauman

    This is one of your best products. I wish you would also carry blueberry blintzes.

  3. Joseph Teller

    Love them, and want them as staple in our meal planning, but our local store in Cambridge MA runs out and then it can be months before they restock them for no good reason.

  4. Ruth

    The Cheese Blintzes were delicious. I can’t seem to find them anymore.

  5. Ola

    It’s delicious! The taste is very similar to crapes with farmer cheese what I used to eat in Poland

  6. Valentina Gonsecki

    I was buying this product for so many years for my family breakfast .For month this product was not available in our store and finally I found it. I bought 3 packages and I noticed that crepe dough is not the same anymore…. It looks like they are now using phyllo dough and when you fry it it is falling apart. something definitely changed . I though it maybe just one package but I open 3 and have the same result.

  7. MJ Lavery

    AGREED. Also, the filling seems more watery.

  8. pamela szot

    Absolutely horrid-they changed the recipe or vendor. so watery.will never buy again.other people on reddit said the disapointed

  9. char christopher

    Was not what I expected. Did not like them at all. Will not ever buy again.

  10. Haylie

    Did not hit the spot like I wanted it to, the filling is not too sweet just a weird cottage cheese like texture.

  11. Sarah

    EWWWW. Filling taste and texture is like sweet scrambled eggs. Absolutely horrid!!! Heard such good things about them so thought I’d give them a try, but really regretting it. Went straight into the trash after one bite.

  12. Linda

    I always bought golden cheese blintzes for many years until they changed the recipe the crepes looked cracked and fell apart when cooking and threw away.
    Then I started buying Trader Joe’s blintzes and for a while I guess they weren’t getting them anymore however I found them yesterday and was thrilled and bought 3 boxes and so far they were really good.I hope they keep them in stock.

  13. Linda D

    Love these blintzes drive out of my way to buy them and get 3 boxes at a time.Hope they never discontinue. I fry them in a pan with butter with sour cream on top.I can eat them every day!!

  14. Linda

    Love these blintzes I stock up on them.
    Please don’t discontiue.

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