Trader Joe’s Champs Elysees Salad Mix Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Champs Elysees Salad Mix Reviews

  1. LaWanda M. Lewis

    I love this salad! Especially that you get more in the bag than the National brands. Always fresh and crunchy, never any wilted and battered lettuce!


    I want to go to the above person’s TJ’s. I eat this salad every day but many days I spend my lunch break sorting the good leaves from the compost. This last time there were confetti-sized pieces of old, rotting salad clinging to the new, like they don’t clean out the tearing or mixing machine in between batches. The first time I wrote to complain the salad was better for a few months. The second time was abut a month ago. They obv don’t eat this salad themselves. I’m glad I didn’t have a dinner party planned involving this salad. I think I’ll start getting the hopped Romain Mix at Walmart.

  3. John in New Mexico

    Fabulous bagged salad! Always fresh. A hit at dinner parties – I never tell guests it’s a bagged salad. And the never guess! Hasn’t been in my local TJ’s for 3 or 4 weeks…here’s hoping it hasn’t been discontinued! That would be just my luck!

  4. Sandi

    This salad is great! I have had it several times. Always fresh and crunchy. Much fresher than the salad bags in the other supermarkets and cheaper too!

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